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Suzanne White

Author • Adventuress • Astrologer


Year of the Rat


For Birthyears:

    • 1911
    • 1923
    • 1935
    • 1947
    • 1959
    • 1971
    • 1983
    • 1995
    • 2007
    • 2019
  • Pigs are

    • Sincere
    • Pure
    • Tolerant
    • Honorable
    • A Naturalist
    • A Farmer
    • Helping
    • Supporting        
    • With Endurance
    • Crazy for Culture
    • Mad About Opulence 
    • One Who Love to Eat
    • With Love for Family
    • One to Enjoy Rustic Living
    • Seeks Common Sense Advise






  •  But they can also be

    • Fleeting
    • Pigheadedness
    • Hesitant
    • Materialistic
    • Gourmand
    • Too Accommodating
    • Too Easy-going
    • Lack Self-interest
    • Hate to Say No
    • With Yielding Nature
    • Giving Too Much Away
    • Sacrificing Your Own Happiness



Who are you?

You are a model of sincerity, purity, tolerance and honor. You sincerely want to do everything right. You have a fine feeling for aesthetics and authenticity. We often seek your common sense advice and enjoy your convivial company. You delight in country living. Rustic sensuality and off-color jokes tickle you silly. Gourmet food is no stranger to your lips either. You love to eat.

You are far too accommodating. You hate to say no. People take advantage of your yielding nature. Then, when you've exhausted yourself by giving too much away, you may fly into a blind rage.

We all run for cover when you're angry. Pig people often become rich. You attract money. You can't help it. You're mad about opulence and crazy for culture.

In romantic matters you get on very well with hot-blooded Dragons. And you have a weak spot for dependent Goats. Whatever you do, don't fall face-first in love with a person born in the year of the Snake. You will get on with Snakes. You will even be mad about each other. But you will be more taken advantage of by a Snake than by any other sign. Snakes thrive on luxury, fine jewels and luscious leathers and velvets. But they don't always want to pay the bills for all those treasures. And Snake tell lies. Their own version of any story is the correct version. The Snake's tendency to dissimulate will gnaw away at your pristine sense of probity. Steer clear of Serpents.

You adore nature and nature returns your affection. You can grow foods and tend plants and care for pets better than any other sign. You are also blessed with tremendous endurance and a profound love of family. You always lend a helping hand to those in need.

Be careful not to sacrifice your own happiness, for the sake of someone you love. You are almost too easy-going and compassionate. In your case, a healthy dose of self-interest would not be amiss.

Peace of mind sets in once you have learned to say NO loud and clear. Then, usually post middle-age, your surges of rage will abate and life will become a real wallow.