Daily Double Horoscopes for October 31, 2014

Suzanne White's Daily Double Horoscopes are truly unique!

They offer both your Daily Sun Sign Horoscope and your Daily Chinese Zodiac sign horoscope in one place for you to read and compare and plan your day around.

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March 21 | April 20

Minor irritations could annoy you more than they normally would. Perhaps the reason is something much deeper. You need to look inside and really understand your own dreams and desires.


April 21 | May 21

Expect to attend a celebration like a wedding or a christening or even a friend's daughter's sweet sixteen birthday party. This is a time for fun and laughter. Perhaps you could meet someone interesting.


22 May | 21 June

You need to have the energies of the Universe flowing clearly through your home. It would be a good idea to consider renovations that allow free movement of air and much more light.


June 22 | July 23

Those of you who want children, it would be nice if you considered adoption. Give a child a better future and the love of a parent as well. Think of all the joy you would derive from the relationship.


July 24 | August 23

In your search for fulfilment, you may have to relinquish several material possessions that are holding you back. But first ask yourself the question: are you ready at all levels to take such a step?


August 24 | September 23

If you find yourself in a difficult situation this evening regarding a pushy or clingy friend, you will have to extricate yourself without causing anyone to get upset. This shouldn't be difficult for you at all.


September 24 | October 23

An accident prone friend needs your help once again. This would be a bad time to give them a lecture on road safety and the like. If you have nothing positive to say, then keep your thoughts to yourself.


October 24 | November 22

If you do not concentrate on bringing current projects to fruition, then any advantages you may have gained over the last few months will probably be lost. You need to really concentrate today.


November 23 | December 21

Play things very straightforward and honestly today. This will increase your chances of huge financial rewards in the near future. In all other respects, today will be peaceful and not particularly tiring.


December 22 | Januari 20

You are not the only person who has to deal with annoying, self/satisfied, smug people. Behaving as if all the troubles are yours alone will push away those interested in actually helping you.


Januari 21 | February 19

Prepare to be surprised this evening. Someone you have not seen or even heard from in years will turn up on your doorstep having made the extra effort to locate you. Rekindle old friendships with an evening of nostalgia.


February 20 | March 20

A brief misunderstanding between you and your best friend could bring a cloud over the sky today, but they will not be able to stay angry with you for long. You too should be willing to apologize.

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You will find yourself extremely capable of handling a distasteful and stressful situation this afternoon. Control the negative vibes and your energy will increase. Your lucky numbers for today are 2 and 55 and combinations thereof.


Work is about to expand to a level that you have not experienced before. Prepare yourself and your office today before the rush begins. Your lucky numbers for the day are 21 and 36 and combinations thereof.


Some problems and upheavals cannot be avoided no matter what, but how you deal with them is important. Take frequent breaks to meditate on your breath. Your lucky numbers today are 74 and 5 and combinations thereof.


Those of you waiting for your soul mates, you need a teeny weeny bit of patience. Wait, don't actively look for them. Allow fate to do her job. Your lucky numbers for the day are 9 and 71 and combinations thereof.


Opportunities for a course in higher education are opening up all around you. This is the time for you to study further as you have always wanted. Your lucky numbers for the day are 95 and 83 and combinations thereof.


The stars are a bit muddled today, dear Snake. It is very likely that you will not receive recognition for things that you have done leaving you dissatisfied. Your lucky numbers today are 9 and 13 and combinations thereof.


A friend's son or daughter may return home from studying abroad for the last few years. If you want to keep spending time together, you will have to make the effort to bond with the child. Your lucky numbers today are 2 and 14 and combinations thereof.


This is a day of events and engagements. You may need to attend several family oriented functions for which gifts must be bought. Like it or not, you will have to shop! Your lucky numbers today are 6 and 45 and combinations thereof.


Do not give in to any temptation today, dear Money, or you could find yourself addicted to something that is not good for you at all. Your lucky numbers for the day are 35 and 82 and combinations thereof.


Being naive and trusting can be quite catastrophic when it is a person you barely know. If you find yourself cheated, you have only yourself to blame. Your lucky numbers for the day are 8 and 49 and combinations thereof.


Reconciliations are in the air. Old friends who had fallen out, siblings you'd had disagreements with, old flames ? somehow many will call to have a chat. Your lucky numbers for the day are 32 and 10 and combinations thereof.


It may work for other people, but you should use your intellect a little less and your intuition a lot more. Your power to sniff out problems is fabulous! Your lucky numbers today are 2 and 13 and combinations thereof.