Daily Double Horoscopes for March 28, 2015

Suzanne White's Daily Double Horoscopes are truly unique!

They offer both your Daily Sun Sign Horoscope and your Daily Chinese Zodiac sign horoscope in one place for you to read and compare and plan your day around.

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March 21 | April 20

Aries, you will be forced to help out with an animal emergency this afternoon. But the good thing is that you will realize this is something you enjoy, and your efforts will be much appreciated.


April 21 | May 21

If there is a point that needs to be made, or a step taken needs explanation, this is the day to do it, Taurus. People are actually going to sit up straight and pay complete attention to you.


22 May | 21 June

Your emotional equilibrium is likely to be upset due to the influence of Saturn. You will find yourself in an extremely irritable mood for most part of the day. Be careful about upsetting those close to you.


June 22 | July 23

Stop neglecting omens, Cancer, even the good ones. You need to be aware that there are forces at play which may not be clearly understood, but they do have an impact on your life. Listen to them.


July 24 | August 23

You and someone close to you have been experiencing unusual interactions, Leo, and this will all become very clear in the afternoon. It is possible that a third individual has been working in the background.


August 24 | September 23

A partner may make you feel very uncomfortable today by disagreeing completely with your view on a particular situation. Don't worry about whether they care or not, focus on explaining your confusion.


September 24 | October 23

The karmic energies favor team work today. Discuss ideas as a group and watch how you are creatively fulfilled, Libra. Everyone has something to contribute, even if it is just to point out an error.


October 24 | November 22

Thanks to the influence of Jupiter, the opportunity to strengthen a non-romantic relationship will arise this evening. Complete honesty is expected from you, and if you deliver, this will last forever.


November 23 | December 21

For the Sagittarius wanting to move forward, just one small decision you take today will result in marriage. You know what this is, and it is up to you to decide just how badly you want to spend the rest of your life with your love.


December 22 | January 20

You may receive a momentary shock this morning, Capricorn. By afternoon, you will realize that this news is meant to stimulate and push you to charge ahead in an ongoing negotiation. Not a time for subtlety.


January 21 | February 19

The karmic cycle is in favor of making travel plans this afternoon. Why not consider a vacation at an artists retreat so you can combine an escape with reconnecting and relearning old passions?


February 20 | March 20

The Sun is supporting your powers of intuition allowing you to understand and express your thoughts politely yet clearly. Your intuitive powers will also receive a boost of energy and self-expression.

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Venus may cause disruptions today, but you must do your best to stay out of uncalled for arguments. Your lucky numbers for the day are 50 and 79 and combinations thereof.


For young lovers, the planetary alignments are strongly in favor of making your relationship public. Don't shout from the rooftops, but let near and dear ones know. Your lucky numbers for the day are 5 and 17 and combinations thereof.


Someone close to you may ignore your advice and get into a bit of trouble. Try not to have an "I told you so" attitude, Tiger. Your lucky numbers for the day are 1 and 38 and combinations thereof.


Single Rabbits, you may fall in love at first sight today. Though it sounds really corny, there is a strong possibility that this is the one! Your lucky numbers for the day are 49 and 10 and combinations thereof.


Older Dragons, you may receive fabulous news from one of your children this evening. Be prepared for celebration. Your lucky numbers for the day are 45 and 68 and combinations thereof.


People have the right to change their opinions, Snake. If they decide that they no longer want to follow your ideas, don't push too hard. Your lucky numbers for the day are 51 and 34 and combinations thereof.


Some odd events today may give you the impression that your personal life is very complicated, Horse, but these are very superficial. Your lucky numbers for the day are 60 and 19 and combinations thereof.


You may need to take a good look at assumptions regarding certain individuals that you considered to be close. Your lucky numbers for the day are 7 and 49 and combinations thereof.


You are going to meet a friend of your parents whom you haven't seen for decades. Perhaps they will not fit the mental image you remember. Your lucky numbers for today are 10 and 57 and combinations thereof.


Financially, you are on a ride, but don't forget to put aside a substantial amount for emergency expenses like domestic disasters! Your lucky numbers for the day are 23 and 10 and combinations thereof.


Parents and children will both be placing extra demands on your time. Why not get them to help each other out? Your lucky numbers for today are 1 and 29 and combinations thereof.


Despite all efforts, a favorite plan might not go through to fruition. Don't despair, Pig, there will be another opportunity soon. Your lucky numbers for the day are 13 and 42 and combinations thereof.