Daily Double Horoscopes for June 29, 2015

Suzanne White's Daily Double Horoscopes are truly unique!

They offer both your Daily Sun Sign Horoscope and your Daily Chinese Zodiac sign horoscope in one place for you to read and compare and plan your day around.

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March 21 | April 20

Those of you in a relationship may be experiencing second thoughts as you feel like you don't deserve it. Snap out of it Aries, all these thoughts are just in your own head. There is no reason to hold back when asking for things that you like.


April 21 | May 21

You will not be in a very social mood today Taurus, so you should stay home rather than drag yourself through various interactions. Sort out your photographs, write letters - letters, not email - to old friends, and get some housework out of the way.


22 May | 21 June

Planetary configurations indicate that financially great things are about to happen. You could expect a pretty substantial raise, but make sure that some is put aside before you spend any. It's what you deserve.


June 22 | July 23

Be careful about appearances today, Cancer. The stars forecast that visitors will drop in and you don't want anything to be a mess, either you or your home. It doesn't have to be a museum or magazine centerfold, but neat.


July 24 | August 23

You may get to meet someone new this morning who has all the right connections that you've been looking for Leo. If you play your cards right, these new contacts could really help with a step in the right direction.


August 24 | September 23

The positions of the planets say that this is a good day to go bargain hunting. Whether for a new office space, furniture, or even contractors, you should be able to get some really wonderful deals. A financial bonus of sorts!


September 24 | October 23

With the help of the positive energies brought in by the Sun, you will be in your element this afternoon, Libra. It's about being ready for action and doing whatever has to be done to keep your family happy.


October 24 | November 22

Chance encounters that you have today, whether with old school mates, the grocer, or an old teacher, may end up with you analyzing your life in depth to understand truly where you are and how happy life makes you.


November 23 | December 21

Make sure that you do not ignore your dreams or hunches. Intuition is often the best way to get direction. And if this says that you need to get away from the rat race and be a hermit for the day, then go ahead.


December 22 | January 20

Thanks to the positions of Jupiter and Mercury, your financial acumen will be really strong Capricorn. The ability to spot amazing deals and close them will produce admiration along with envy.


January 21 | February 19

Aquarius your desire for change and new experiences will be even stronger this morning. Perhaps it is high time that you sat and planned an exotic trip. Finances may be a little tight, but plans can be made in advance, without money.


February 20 | March 20

The universal energies are in favor of mental shows of strength. People are often misguided by your dreamy appearance and it is time to show them just what a toughie you are Pisces.

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Shopaholics, stay far away from temptation! Your purses are a little light at the moment, and you must stay out of negative situations. Your lucky numbers today are 28 and 39 and combinations thereof.


No matter how badly you may want to stay home and play hooky this morning, the planets do not advise such a move. Get up and get out, Ox! Your lucky numbers for the day are 5 and 40 and combinations thereof.


A family pet may suddenly disappear this afternoon leaving all of you feeling empty and sad. Never fear, with help, they will be located safe and unharmed. Your lucky numbers for the day are 26 and 50 and combinations thereof.


Finding the right words may be a little difficult today, Rabbit. Somehow, you will be feeling flustered and distracted, so stop worrying, and take a short break. Your lucky numbers for the day are 16 and 95 and combinations thereof.


Due to the positions of the planets, you may find yourself oozing attraction this morning. Do be careful if you are at work, you don't want complications! Your lucky numbers for today are 97 and 18 and combinations thereof.


Negative energy patterns can be disbursed by playing your favorite tunes. If others find it annoying, then use headphones, but don't allow your energy levels to fall. Your lucky numbers for the day are 99 and 20 and combinations thereof.


Competition often helps with imagination and creativity, so don't get too angry if that co-worker keeps trying to put you down, Horse. Your lucky numbers for the day are 84 and 50 and combinations thereof.


Your ability to communicate and interact with people from different professions will be very strong this afternoon. Use it to your firm's benefit, and wait for the reward. Your lucky numbers today are 7 and 45 and combinations thereof.


The positions of the stars show that the chance to meet an idol is very high. Don't be tongue tied if you get to do so, Monkey, enjoy the interaction. Your lucky numbers for today are 3 and 20 and combinations thereof.


Black cats cross roads simply to get to the other side! Do not let superstitious people make you doubt yourself or your capabilities simply because of some "omens'! Your lucky numbers today are 65 and 48 and combinations thereof.


You may find it a little difficult to interact with someone special at a more personal level. Instead of forcing the words out, wait patiently for it happen naturally, Dog. Your lucky numbers today are 18 and 76 and combinations thereof.


Get rid of the stresses accumulated over the day by doing things completely unexpected and almost against your nature. The refreshing change will increase energy levels. Your lucky numbers for the day are 27 and 54 and combinations thereof.