Daily Double Horoscopes for October 6, 2015

Suzanne White's Daily Double Horoscopes are truly unique!

They offer both your Daily Sun Sign Horoscope and your Daily Chinese Zodiac sign horoscope in one place for you to read and compare and plan your day around.

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March 21 | April 20

While money-making opportunities are entering your sphere, Aries, this doesn't mean that you spend trying to impress people who don't plan on being around for more than a short while.


April 21 | May 21

For those of you whose lovers have been holding back and behaving very neutral, expect a complete turnaround this morning! Public displays of affection along with expressions of emotions will be constant.


22 May | 21 June

The positions of the planets are almost perfect for those of you wanting to make changes at home. The ability to think clearly and make the right decisions will be almost optimal!


June 22 | July 23

Someone will enter your life, or it could even be a person you already know well, Cancer, who will be a strong source of positive energy and help with whatever changes have to be handled.


July 24 | August 23

Pending work may have you in a grouchy mood all morning just thinking about it. All you need to do is attack the task at hand and get it out of the way so the rest of the day is yours to enjoy!


August 24 | September 23

The present planetary positions suggest that your life could be turned topsy-turvy today. If you don't like change, then you will just have to be on the lookout and stay out of the way!


September 24 | October 23

A friend who has been out of touch as both of you have been busy and occupied with your own lives and problems, will call up to invite you over for a home cooked meal. Don't forget to take something to drink! Add a game or two, and the night will be fabulous.


October 24 | November 22

Increase the excitement by taking up some adventure sports Scorpio. Release your inner adrenaline junkie and discover exactly which kind of activity suits you best. Get friends involved.


November 23 | December 21

There is a lot piling up in your sphere, Sagittarius, and if you don't want to be covered in an avalanche, then you have to sit yourself down and rearrange several things this morning, without delay!


December 22 | January 20

The stars are shining strongly for romance, Capricorn. Thoughts of passion will fill your lover's head, and you are going to be the recipient of a wonderful surprise sometime during the day.


January 21 | February 19

If there are people in your environment who owe you money, this is a good day to politely ask for it back. They will be more receptive thanks to the influence of Mercury and Jupiter.


February 20 | March 20

Pisces, the karmic undercurrents favor the completion of a plan and the beginning of a new one. If it is an investment you are looking to handle, make sure you get the correct advice before taking any steps forward.

Choose your Chinese sign below.


Certain avoidable past mistakes may come around to bite you this morning, Rat. You will need to rethink various financial decisions immediately. Your lucky numbers for the day are 87 and 3 and combinations thereof.


Now that you have realized where you want to go, Ox, be sure not to leave this path. Especially today, when there are likely to be many distractions around you. Your lucky numbers for the day are 5 and 46 and combinations thereof.


Start putting a little more effort into all of your personal relationships, Tiger. Your feline charm can carry you quite a bit forward, but it has its limits! Your lucky numbers for the day are 54 and 86 and combinations thereof.


Let yourself relax this afternoon, Rabbit. Find a lovely street side caf


A friend may be in a very negative frame of mind, Dragon, and it is your job to get them out of it. Make sure that you do a lot of the activities that they enjoy. Your lucky numbers for today are 57 and 80 and combinations thereof.


Attention will need to be paid to your children and their demands. The needs you have taken care of, now it will require a strong will to not spoil them! Your lucky numbers today are 7 and 85 and combinations thereof.


You cannot be convincing about a change or direction or even the lack of nutrition in someone's diet unless you have the research to back your word. Don't be lazy, and do it! Your lucky numbers today are 88 and 3 and combinations thereof.


With the positions of the planets, life will be ready to give you everything that you want almost all day. Such occasions aren't that common, so take full advantage of this. Your lucky numbers for the day are 64 and 89 and combinations thereof.


Spiritually, the planetary aspects are not very positive this morning. Stop yourself from engaging in related activities as the negative vibes may be further attracted. Your lucky numbers for the day are 96 and 81 and combinations thereof.


The celestial undercurrents indicate that a trip is likely today. This will be very helpful for you to gain experience in fields where you are a little shaky and unsure. Your lucky numbers for the day are 12 and 43 and combinations thereof.


Your friends would appreciate it if you spent a bit more time with them. Never mind if it is mid-week, get everyone together for a little fun and camaraderie. Your lucky numbers for the day are 84 and 50 and combinations thereof.


Many interesting invitations for recreational activities will come to you this afternoon and evening, Pig. Try not to miss out on any of them if you can. You can really read each other well. Build on it for a beautiful future. Your lucky numbers for the day are 26 and 48 and combinations thereof.