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Suzanne White

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The New Astrology by Sun Sign - Taurus

  • The New Astrology by Sun Sign - Taurus


    Taurus - The accuracy of the description of your Western Sun Sign combined with your Chinese Animal Sign will astound you. This book is an ingenious blend of Taurus with all 12 Chinese Astrology Signs. Find out more about your own New Astrology Sign and those of your lovers, friends, family and friends.

    In this new series, Suzanne White cleverly combines individual Sun signs with Chinese Animal signs to describe 12 NEW ASTROLOGY™ signs. Each book has the name of one Sun sign. Find yours! In each of these books, there is a generous chapter on your western Sun Sign.Then we find out what THE NEW ASTROLOGY is and how it works.

    Each book contains the entire Chinese Calendar from 1900 thru 2020 - Find out all the Chinese signs of friends and family with their respective elements and characteristics. Then study their combined signs. Find out as well how all the Chinese animal signs harmonize with yours. Get your new individual, personalized NEW ASTROLOGY GUIDE right here today. These hefty little volumes are 65-70 book pages long.

    Find out how your own Sun Sign Blends with all 12 Chinese animal signs. It's astounding! A TAURUS born in a DRAGON year does not have the same basic character as a TAURUS/DOG or TAURUS/ROOSTER. It's uncanny. But it's true.

    Taureans never slap or sting. Rather, they creep up slowly and affect you deeply. Taureans who touch your heart will leave their indelible impression on your soul. Think of Taurus as a long sensual kiss. A huge tender bear hug. Or an eiderdown on a cold alpine night. Taureans are warm (but sometimes stodgy) customers.Taurus people make excellent executives. They love money and enjoy earning piles of it. When a Taurus person gets rich, he hangs on to his money, investing it in sound stocks and bonds, building solid houses, and even storing gold sovereigns in a mattress. The key word here is substantial. Taureans do not have confidence in lightheadedness. Frivolity doesn’t come naturally to them. Many Taureans work with their hands. Even if a Taurus seems more cerebral than manual, there is probably a hidden craft or hobby lurking behind the scenes. Taureans are attracted to all sorts of beauty. Music thrills them. Flowers enchant them. The countryside seduces them. Art is their natural habitat.

    In this book, you will discover how a TAURUS is altered when he or she is born in a DRAGON year. What is an TAURUS born RAT like? How does being born in a DOG year affect a TAURUS person's character? What is a TAURUS/TIGER like? And how does he or she get along with other New Astrology™ signs? Which New Astrology™ signs make TAURUS' best sexual partners? And which ones should they marry?

    Who are our Taurus/Pig celebrities? Which ones are Taurus/Goat, Taurus/ Dog, Taurus/Snake and/or Taurus/Dragon or even Taurus/Horse?

    Suzanne White's combined signs are uncannily accurate. Gift a friend with their SUN SIGN NEW ASTROLOGY BOOK and watch their eyebrows leap to the tip top of their forehead when they read what The New Astrology™ reveals about their most intimate, basic character.

    $3.99* Availalbe as E-book only!