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Suzanne White

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The New Astrology by Sun Sign - Virgo

  • The New Astrology by Sun Sign - Virgo


    Virgo - The accuracy of the description of your Western Sun Sign combined with your Chinese Animal Sign will astound you. This book is an ingenious blend of Virgo with all 12 Chinese Astrology Signs. Find out more about your own New Astrology Sign and those of your lovers, friends, family and friends.

    No other sign of the occidental horoscope system (except at times the Capricorn) has such a well-developed sense of what is proper and meet in any situation. The Virgo is clear-thinking and almost never misses the mark. Virgo is logical, analytical and keeps a cool head.

    VIRGOS are not coldhearted or indifferent. They are loving and even slightly grasping about their love objects. Virgos are both sensual and gentle people. But what is so peculiar to Virgos is their ability to penetrate the fog of subjective thinking that surrounds emotion-laden situations. Run up to a Virgo and cry, “My house is ablaze! My children are inside! Help! Do something!” The Virgo: “Where do you keep your ladder?” Practical and down-to-earth, the Virgo can be looked to by almost any of the rest of us hysterics to keep calm and do the right thing.

    Because Virgo people are methodical, they enjoy living in organized and pleasantly decorated surroundings. They are concerned with precision and enjoy keeping order. Meticulous to a fault, Virgo has to struggle to accept untidiness. Virgo eschews mess.

    Virgos are gifted for art appreciation and are very often creative. They have good taste and know how to judge fine quality. Often Virgos have collections of delicate antiques or precision instruments. They know how to take care of things and can be trusted to return borrowed items.

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