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Suzanne White

Author • Adventuress • Astrologer



The Astrology Of Love

  • The Astrology Of Love


    The Astrology Of Love provides love scopes for all 24 astrological signs. Suzanne white has matched all couples of both zodiacs. (Chinese and western) and come up with remarkable results.

    A Dragon born Taurus might very well get along with a Monkey born in Cancer. But if you are a Scorpio born in a Tiger year, there is not much hope for you with a Gemini born Goat.

    WHITE defines each couple with heart scores 4 hearts = Bed of Roses 3 Hearts = Bed & Breakfast 2 hearts = Breakfast in Bed 1 heart = pillow fights. And Zero hearts = Bed of Nails!

    Compatibility counts! A couple works best when the planetary vibes are right.

    Before you commit or take any headlong plunges, find out if you are compatible...should you marry? Or should you settle for a fling? Can you live together? Have a bunch of kids? Or should you split up while there's still time to seek true love with someone else? Don't take up with just anyone. Find the mate you truly deserve, Download the Astrology of Love now. Before it's too late.

    $5.99* Availalbe as E-book only!