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Suzanne White

Author • Adventuress • Astrologer



The New Chinese Astrology

  • The New Chinese Astrology


    Which Chinese animal sign is yours and how does it affect your existence? In THE NEW CHINESE ASTROLOGY, Suzanne White demystifies the complex Chinese Zodiac. This amusing, yet serious, and informative volume describes each animal sign's individual characteristics, special capabilities, compatibilities and peculiar problems. Suzanne White details how the five Chinese elements affect each sign.

    Discover the terrible Tiger's major weak spots. Find out why Rats get married so often. Learn what foods the Ox and the Horse should avoid and why Monkeys hate the spotlight. Best of all, THE NEW CHINESE ASTROLOGY predicts what the next twelve years predict for you, your friends, family and even your enemies!

    $9.99* Availalbe as E-book only!