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Suzanne White is American, but she lives in both France and Buenos Aires. Winter in Argentina is Summer in France and vice versa.  Suzanne left Buffalo, New York at the age of 22, went to Paris and hardly even looked back. She raised her own kids. So in order to scrape by, Suzanne has had myriad jobs - college professor, fashion model,  journalist, interpreter, novelist,  fireworks salesperson, director of a Parisian couture boutique, elevator operator, movie subtitler,  shoe salesperson, book translator and - of all things - astrologer!....

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Good luck for me. Albert came over and brought me the leftovers from his wild boar roast. Beautiful tasty meat and potatoes with authentic garden-fresh herbes de Provence and roasted vegetables all laid out like well-dressed corpses snug in a roasting pan and tightly covered w Aluminum foil. First evening I warmed part of it up and had myself a scrumptious meal. Second evening I let it sit in the fridge and ate a mixed salad and fresh asparagus vinaigrette instead. This morning I opened the fridge and there was Albert's aluminum foil starin...

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