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Female Genital Excision

by Suzanne White - on Saturday, December 02, 2017
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THE CONFERENCE I ATTENDED LAST EVENING WAS ABOUT FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION - How to deal with it and how to try and prevent it. The event was organized by my friend Serge Boyer of Gynecologists Without Borders. There were 250 attentive people in the audience. Serge had invited 4 gynecologists, an anthropologist/pediatician and a well-spoken barrister. They came from all over the country to tell us about their experiences and the laws pertaining to this practice in France. They had all dealt with mutilated women both here in France and during their missions in Africa.

I found out there are 200 million women worldwide who have been mutilated. 98% of Egyptian women are cut. The percentages in the African and middle eastern and Asian world are staggering. We know that it must be stopped. But where to begin? The event lasted 4 hours and nobody was bored. We saw films and listened to testimonies and learned about operations to rebuild the women's clitorises. Parts of it were shocking because surgeons showed us photos of the damage done.

One of the village women who does the cutting as a profession said she can do 25-30 little girls in a day. “It’s easy. They’re small and can be held down. And they don’t know what’s happening. If they make too much noise, I have do it in the toilet room.” (a kind of mud-floored place reserved for defecating.)

When the cutter woman was asked why she thinks it’s necessary to cut off the clitorises of little girls, she said such an interesting thing. “If we don’t cut it off, it will grow and grow and get in her way and prevent her from walking straight or doing her work when she is older.” The cutter woman never said anything about removing the clitoris in order to eliminate sexual pleasure. I wondered, Does she know? Can she really believe this Pinocchio story about the clitoris growing bigger and getting in the way? In the end, we found out that the cutter woman (uses a razor) does this job for the money and for prestige and social acceptance as she is held in high esteem among her people.

The surgeon who showed us the photos said he didn't want to upset too many people so he had removed quite a few of the photos earlier in the day. He and a bright woman who came along with him, run a center outside Paris where they care for 25 mutilated women a month. If the operation is feasible and the woman wants to have it, the surgeon performs it. Turns out that when the woman who does the cutting in the village or tribe cuts off the clitoris, she doesn't always destroy it. The nerves are still there under the scars. When it is successful, his surgery frees up this nerve center. Then they have a staff of everything from gyns to psychiatrists to physical therapists at the center so the women can be assisted for a long time post op. They have group therapy sessions where the women talk to each other andeventually bring their husband or sexual partner so they can work together to restore her pleasure. Yes. It is covered by national health. Afterward there was buffet. I spoke to the woman who runs the center near Paris. She told me she had to teach the women to touch themselves after the surgery because they didn't even know they could - or were too ashamed.

To join or donate to Gynecologists Without Borders click here click on “FAIRE UN DON”

"Bottom line.” said the surgeon.“It's all about men oppressing women so they will be just sex slaves and baby makers. It’s machismo. And it’s global.”

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