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by Suzanne White - on Tuesday, March 31, 2020
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READERS!  You can still get this CRUCIAL book as an e-book on or a paperback from Amazon here:   Your future depends on your compatibility with others. 

Just found this on my Suzanne White Books page. Benjamin was commenting on THE ASTROLOGY OF LOVE - my book about astrological compatibilities. My ego couldn't resist posting it here. If you have any doubts about your current crush or sweetie or live-in love partner or spouse, you had better get this book.

Benjamin Howard Martin said - I KNOW, the compatibility of SUZANNE WHITE’S Chinese/Western signs are not only the most well-researched and accurate, I have tested the book against the biggest skeptics I know. Skeptics who don’t even like me. Nobody denounced White’s ability for personality description and high compatibility selection. However, it is not only compatibility. Suzanne White provides the best running start at a relationship anybody could ever imagine -and at very marginal, one time fee in the price of a book, which of course, we get to love forever.

White can never be held accountable for any behaviors amongst couples. Yet, when she writes, for example, the Leo/Monkey is all the way compatible with the Capricorn/Rat, she stands by it and so do I, because, it is true in my experience. I have had very strong experiences of energy -the kind the woman at hand and I both knew something great was going to occur between us- with Suzanne White’s professed compatible matches. She has been for real since she began. Her humor and consistency of character streams throughout all of her books. Her books are your afternoon nosh, your bedtime dessert, the certain delight you have always counted to give that comfort of pleasure, and, The SUZANNE WHITE BOOKS always provide pleasure for one plus at least one more

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Suzanne White is the High Priestess of Chinese and Western Astrology. She's American and has lived in France for 50 years. She spends some months in America every year on house swaps. Suzanne says: One day I'm a rip-roaring Yankee and the next day I'm an dainty, elegant Parisienne My totally bi-lingual life is a kind of "managed schizophrenia". It's fun. I live for fun. I will probably die of it too.

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