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Lost and Found on Facebook

by Suzanne White - on Sunday, March 17, 2019
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HOW I GOT MY FACEBOOK PAGE BACK. I am a Tiger. Scorpio variety. I live for victories and am demolished by failures. So on Thursday when my Facebook page went down out of nowhere, I could not believe it. I knew FB was having technical troubles. I felt I had done something against the rules. Turns out for once it was not my fault. But I simply did not know what I know now. I was not only hacked.

Then I was hornswoggled by some Indians who hacked into FB's Help page, posted a number directly on the help page (US number 1 888 783 0111) to call them for help. I called that number and got a guy. He said his name was Andrew which was ridiculous as his English was most approximate. He did not however have a singsongy Indian accent. I thought he might be from a Filipino phone bank. Filipino is a language I have difficulty sorting out when they speak English. I asked this "Andrew" person where he was. He said California. I explained I needed to recover my Facebook page as I had lost it and all my 4500 friends. He asked if he could share my screen. I (stupidly) said yes. He claimed to be from Facebook HELP. Why not? He told me I had been hacked 8500 times by Pakistan and Nigeria. He might send me a code to change my password. He had my French phone #. I did not have my French phone charged so I told him to send the code to my US phone number. Oh he was very sorry but that would not be possible. He explained (I understood about half) that as I did not have my French phone there was no way I could recover my FB account because I had signed up with my French phone. But he also explained (more expertly) that if I didn't want this to happen again I would have to buy the One time Microsoft protection for $257.00 or the One Year Microsoft protection which was a better bargain at $327.98. Now that sounded odd. A bit scammy. But I was desperate to retrieve my Facebook account and never have this happen again. This guy was pretty good at conning people cuz I am Ms Suspicion. I never believe anyone (unless I am desperately seeking to get my FB account back) on the phone. But I reminded myself he had not called me. I had used the number I had found on FB HELP and I had got thick-speaker Andrew. I kept wondering if I hung up and called again maybe I would not get Andrew. But I might get a replacement who spoke more clearly. But instead I stuck with old Andrew and plodded on. He brought up the $327.98 again, explaining that Microsoft would protect my FB account.

Was I nuts to listen to that claptrap? Oh yeah. I was plenty crazy. At some point he asked me if I wanted the one time or the one year protection plan and assured me the $347.98 was the better bargain. Now you will think "Why did Suzanne imagine that Microsoft was selling a product via Facebook's Help line?" I confess my level of catastrophe and agitation was such, I probably would have paid $1000. I wanted my Facebook page back - at any cost. And good old Andrew knew that very well. Finally I said ok. I'll go for the $327.98. "How" asked Andrew "do you want to pay?" He had the right onscreen graphics for choosing which card or Paypal I would use. Luckily I chose Paypal. After that, Andrew apologetically told me there was no way to recover my Facebook page until I was back in France. Then he asked me what I did. I explained I write book and said if he would give me his email I could send him an e-book. That made him very happy and he (stupidly) gave me his email and 2 phone numbers with his extension # and a new Facebook password that he concocted that did not work. We hung up "friends". Then yesterday (Saturday) I went to my Paypal account and saw that $327.98 had been paid to Anil Kumar Gupta (alias Andrew) and not to Microsoft. Now a light bulb went off in my aging brain. OMG Andrew was not from Facebook at all. He is receiving people using a US phone number. Then he cons them into giving money to Microsoft for protection from fraud. AND he is doing this trick from inside a phony Facebook Help page.

Now I go back to Paypal to verify again that Paypal has paid Anil Kumar Gupta (not Microsoft) my $327.98 so I go to the complaints section in Paypal and write up this whole story about Andrew and his treacherous game. I submit the story. Then I decide to confirm that Paypal has heard me and I ring their help number which is inside Paypal. I get a very nice Paypal fellow name Sean who is in Ireland. I tell him my story. He gasps and spouts OMGs and Christs and other Irish curse words and tells me not to worry he will get back my money. Then we talked for a bit about Dublin and the town he was from near that city and how we both love Guinness and pubs. Then I told him I would send him a book. After talking to Sean, I decided (as Anil Gupta had given me his numbers) to call Anil (Andrew) myself and read him the riot act. His co-worker answered, said Andrew was busy so could he call me back? I said yes. Then I went to have sushi with my friend Dottie. Middle of the sushi feast phone rings. Guess who? It's Andrew? "Do you remember me?" I said "Andrew Anil Jumar Gupta you are going to prison" He started sputtering something about how I had seemed like such a nice intelligent person that he had given me his phone numbers and email and ..." I cut him off saying, "Anil you lied to me and stole money from me. I am so nice and intelligent that I figured it all out and wrote a full report on Paypal ." He interrupted to say, "Why did you write that nasty report? I thought you were so nice." I said, "I wrote that nasty report and I even talked to Paypal support and they are giving me my money back and you are in serious trouble for fraud. I am hanging up now." And I did. We finished our sushi and I drove us around the Pacific beaches of Sonoma County for 4 hours. The hills are greening up and there are wildflowers everywhere. All the trees are in flower and the sun was shining brightly. We came home via the Russian river road, passed through my beloved Sebastopol and after that we stopped at Trader Joe's for wine and came back to Mill Valley. I opened my computer, clicked on Facebook. Instead of nothing I got an offer of a security check. I did that check with them and Voilà! They gave me back my page and my friends. Somehow I think Andrew and company's scam inside of the Facebook help page may have something to do with how I lost my page in the first place. As for Andrew, he thought I was so nice and intelligent that he gave me all this information





ldtry148554 : ` facebook password. (bogus)

Lesson? Never give anyone info on the phone. Even if you call them.

Today, the more I thought about it and how Anil Kumar Gupta said I was so nice and intelligent and that I would send him a book, he had given me all his numbers and email address. "Ah ha" I thought. I wonder who was conning whom. Me with my nice, intelligent promise of a book in exchange for his ID? Or Anil Kumar Gupta with his phony Microsoft protection plan?

Meanwhile, if you feel lonely or bored and want to send Anil Kumar Gupta some of your money, give him a call (1 888 783 0111 extension 413) and tell him I sent you.

P.S. I wanted a victory. I got one. Paypal just emailed to say that had put my $327.98 back into my account. Phew.


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