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Life on the Run

My New Dentist

by Suzanne White - on Friday, December 01, 2017
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SPENT WEEKEND IN PARIS - Last week my friend Mort Rosenblum who lives near me here in Provence, wrote that he was "set upon" by some young immigrant types at our mutual train station - Les Arcs-Draguignan. Turned out they helped him schlep suitcases and a cat down and up the steep stupid steps we have at our station.

So I am riding the TGV train back from Paris on Monday chewing my nails and fretting. All I could think about ( The train was arriving at 9:45 pm.) was how in the hell I would get my suitcase down and up those treacherous steps and when and if I did, how would I dare walk back to the back parking lot where I'd left my car on Thursday. Pitch darkness up a long slope and then sort of stair ramp with big bushes on either side. I just knew I would never make it. I was sure that those same people who had "set upon" my friend Mort Rosenblum would set upon me and not because they wanted to help me carry bags up and downstairs.

As we were preparing to leave the train I noticed a good-looking tall man with a mustache. I asked if he was getting off at Les Arcs-Draguignan.. He said yes he was. I asked if he was going to take the bus into town. He said no he didn’t live in town and was, in fact, being picked up. As we stood there, waiting for the train to pull into the station, I confessed how afraid I was to walk up the dark path alone. He thought for a minute and then said. "If you don't have too much luggage, we can drive you to your car in our car."

Train pulled in and he got off and went down and up those damnable stairs with his own too much luggage. I stood on the quai looking for a strong man to carry my suitcase down and back up. I could sense coming up behind me a very strong, tall, burly man. "Excuse me sir, can you help me with my luggage?" I said in French. He didn't understand French. He smiled and looked down at his own big bag. I tried English. “Do you speak English.”He said yes, grabbed my bag and hauled it (and his own) down those nasty steps and back up the other side. "I have a bad back." he quipped. I asked where he came from as he was speaking to me in British English. "Norway." he said. Europe's like that. People appear out of nowhere from Norway or Poland or Lithuania. No more borders in Europe. It keeps things pretty fluid. I raced away from Mr. Norway apologizing because I had to catch up with my rescuer/savior from the train to be driven to my car.

Turned out he and his crew had come to find me. We pile all four Frank (the mustachioed man from the train) Natalie, Christophe (her boyfriend) and I into a small Renault car. I held my suitcase on my lap. We get to my car and it's covered in dew - in and out sopping wet from condensation. I got in. It started. A victory cry went up. I thanked everyone and asked for their email so I could send them a digital copy of my book."Frank is my boss, “ said Nathalie gesturing at the train man with the mustache in the back seat "Your boss? Really?” I said. “What does he do?" She replied, "Dentist. I am the dental technician." "

"Oh mon dieu” I said. I have been hunting a dentist in this region for months. And I found my very own new dentist on the train."

Nathalie laughed and then gave me a pen with her boss's name and email written on it. It's a ball point pen with a flashlight at the end. Super cool and discreet. White and silver. I stick the pen in my pocket, thank them and kiss them all goodbye. I get home and inside the door of my building. I press the button to light the stairs to the first floor where I live. OH NO. The hall and the stairs are dead pitch dark. Power outage. I will never make it up those steps in the dark with my suitcase. What can I do?

Then Eureka! I suddenly remembered I had Nathalie's pen with the flashlight in my very own pocket. That flashlight pen lit my way down the dark hall and, by a miracle, I got up myself and my suitcase up the stairs without having heart failure. It’s true. There are no co-incidences. I have my first dental appointment on the 16th of December. What could be better than that?

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Suzanne White is the High Priestess of Chinese and Western Astrology. She's American and has lived in France for 50 years. She spends some months in America every year on house swaps. Suzanne says: One day I'm a rip-roaring Yankee and the next day I'm an dainty, elegant Parisienne My totally bi-lingual life is a kind of "managed schizophrenia". It's fun. I live for fun. I will probably die of it too.

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