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Pulled Over!

by Suzanne White - on Friday, March 15, 2019
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Not one to intentionally break driving rules, I was shocked as I drove home from Trader Joe's today when a police car took off after me at a 4 way stop. I had stopped. Like really stopped. The officer was coming out of a small street to my right and did not stop. He moved ahead to to beat me at starting up. I felt bullied.

But rather than draw attention to myself I moved forward as though nothing had occurred and drove to the next light which was red. So I stopped. But, as there was a lot of traffic, I did not turn right on red. I waited for green. It was then I noticed the big black car behind me. I was driving at 25 mph and the cop was following me, inches from my bumper. That chase scene went on for about 5 minutes. I'm thinking... what does that guy want with me? I didn't do anything wrong. Finally on a less trafficky street, he put on the flashing blue light atop his car. So I guessed that meant I shd pull over and I did. He comes to the passenger side of the car. I put that window down. He says "Are you okay?" I reply "Yes of course I'm okay. Thanks for asking."

"Well, I saw a couple driving infractions so I thought I better stop you just in case..."

I said, "I didn't turn right on red because I am French and in France we are not allowed."

"You got US driving license?"

"No sir I don't. I have a French driving license."

"A French driver's license???"

"That's right."

"You got that French license with you?"

"Yup," I dug out my driver's license and handed it to him. NOTE: My French driving license is pink and it's laminated and it opens into 3 pages. The officer turned that license every which way and said, "I can't tell when it expires."

I replied. "Never."

He kinda gulped and asked me what I was doing here in California. I answered "House sitting."

"That's nice of you." he said.

I explained about house swapping. I could see he was growing increasingly agitated as though embarrassed.

"Is this license legal in the US?"

I said, "Yes. The US and France have reciprocity."

Big word. He wasn't sure if that meant the license was legal here or not. "You mean it's ok?"

"Yes sir"

"What do you do in France? "

"I write books."

Now he was shrinking behind this ton of gear and guns and tasers and sticks and stones will break my bones that he was wearing. "Must get hot under all that stuff you have to carry around."

Of course I am thinking he could shoot me dead at any moment and say I tried to escape. "I write about astrology. Maybe you're not interested..."

"No. I am interested." he said.

I asked for his birthday (that's my customary thawing device for public officials) He said July something. I said "What year?" He said "Cancer." I said "What year?" I write about Chinese Astrology too. He told me the year. I happened to have a copy of the Pig year book in my bag and took it from my bag and handed it to him. "Here!" I said. "I'll give it to you. I will make you laugh."

Then I knew he would be shooting me right then and here. His jaw dropped and he said, "No no no way. They could say I let you go because you gave me that book."

Not sure who "they" were. I said "Well, I could just put it in your car."

"No Ma'am. They could say you threw it in my car so I would let you go."

I said, "Are you on Facebook? I could send you a copy on Messenger."

"Me? On Facebook? I can't put my name anywhere public. There's a lot of people who would like to know how to find me."

I'm thinking "This guy is paranoid."

He then said, "Criminals I mean."

Oh shit. He's got criminals after him. I just want to get out of there. But he still has my license in his hand. So I go to take it from him and he hold on tight to it and launches into a driving lesson about stops and right turns and speed limits and anything you might want to know about Californian driving. Then he says, "I'll only be a minute." I wonder is he going to pee? But no he takes my license back to his car and turns it around and around and them comes right back and gives it back.

"Nice meeting you." he says.

"Am I under arrest?" I joked.

"Not this time." He quipped. "But watch those 4 way stops. The guy to your right has the right of way."

Oops. I had fled the scene of the crime.















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Suzanne White is the High Priestess of Chinese and Western Astrology. She's American and has lived in France for 50 years. She spends some months in America every year on house swaps. Suzanne says: One day I'm a rip-roaring Yankee and the next day I'm an dainty, elegant Parisienne My totally bi-lingual life is a kind of "managed schizophrenia". It's fun. I live for fun. I will probably die of it too.

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