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The Tuscan City of Lucca

by Suzanne White - on Monday, June 25, 2018
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I go to Lucca often. Recently, I took this photo of the city from up hIgh. As you can see, Lucca town (Population 390,000) is entirely surrounded by fortifications. The dimensions of the walls are startling. 4 kilometers long. Nearly 30 meters wide. Made up of 11 different earthworks.

There’s been a wall here since Roman times, when there were four openings, one for each point of the compass. The wall was rebuilt at the beginning of 1500 and took a procession of military architects 150 long years to finish. Its current incarnation has three doors (San Pietro, Santa Maria, San Donato Nuova), and a few that were opened later when defense was less of an issue.

Aside from these and the absence of the drawbridge or wooden fences, it’s the same wall that would have faced an advancing army from 1650 onward. On top of the wall is a large park, bike path and some carousels and other distractions for children. Trees and well-tended plants and flowers grace the paths where you walk, then, when you are tired, you sit on a bench and watch the world go by. No cars are allowed in Lucca. You can drive in to leave your luggage for 10 minutes.  

Then you must drive out to a guarded municipal parking lot steps outside the city where you can park for days for a modest price. Cameras take photos of all number plates on all cars at all times. So if you don't drive out, you get an expensive parking ticket. You may even be towed. Bikes, strollers and wheel chairs are, of course, allowed. I go to Lucca as often as I can. It's a 4 hour drive from my home. If you go, eat the bean soup.

P.S. (For more info or if you want to come along to Lucca, PM me after Sept 1)


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