Find out how you match using The New Astrology™. Compatibility for both eastern and western signs for Two Reports in One!

"I was with Jeremy for six months before I got Suzanne White's New Astro Love Match Report. As soon as I looked at our two signs together, I knew it would work. Of course, like all couples, we have had our ups and downs. But we do really love each other to pieces. And if Suzanne gives us 6 hearts for our New Astrology match, we just plain can't go wrong. We're getting engaged for Christmas. Thanks Suzanne!"
Cecilia McCann - Dunville, Ontario

"Suzanne White changed my life!"
Linda - San Jose, CA

"OMG thank you Suzanne! I kept wondering what was wrong with the chemistry between me and my current bride-to-be. I thought we had everything going for us. We like the same music, movies, TV shows and we both like to go on bicycle tours in exotic lands. But the sex? No good. Just plain awful. I was curious so I bought your report and entered our two birth dates. Eureka! Miranda is a Sagittarius/Rat. I am a Capricorn/Rooster. According to the report our signs are "Good friends but like oil and water in bed". Miranda and I have agreed not to get married until or unless we solve the sex problems."
Larry Froelich - Littleneck, New York

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