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Dear Suzanne White Fans, Friends and Visitors,

Thanks for coming in. I apologize for my recent absence. I have broken my hip - tripped over a rug, flew across the room, knocked over a chair and fell smack on my right hip. I have been operated on and a prostheses installed. But there will be many weeks of physical therapy before I can walk. Meanwhile, from my hospital bed, I will try to offer you Fascinating news and many more New Astrology Stars. By the way, if you have a suggestion for a person or couple you would like to see as the New Astrology Star of the day or week, please click here to share it with me. Meanwhile, keep your nose peeled for more New Astrology discoveries coming soon.

Cheerfully, Suzanne White

Life on the Run

I am not quite sure what a blog is. But this is mine. I love to tell stories. So on this blog I will share my peculiar life experiences with you. I promise not to bore you and to try to be funny. Bottom line, if you laugh at my jokes I will follow you anywhere.


by Suzanne White - on Thursday, September 27, 2018
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Sept 26 2015 HAVE YOU EVER noticed that when you are with a sibling you haven't seen in awhile, the rhythms are suddenly all right? There's something about the pace of language that flows between members of one's immediate family that's whipped cream smooth. You don't have to make an effort to make yourself understood. The sibling gets it. And you get them.

Yesterday, my brother John came to visit me here in Sebastopol. He drove up from Carmel where he spends the summers. He actually lives in Scottsdale Az. But it's too hot there in summers so he comes to Carmel. Anyway, he got here shortly after 1pm. We went to lunch at The French Garden , a restaurant down the road from me with outside dining and superlative BLTs. We lingered over lunch chatting till about 3:30. John asked me if I still smoked dope. I found that an odd question. But I answered that yes occasionally. He wanted to know if I had a medical prescription. I said no never heard of that in France. I just sneak smoke like everybody else.

Then we came home here and sat in the living room chatting some more till 6pm. After a pair of short naps, we set out to Sta Rosa for dinner at a lovely place called "Ca'Bianca" (White House). A charming restaurant in a big old victorian house. We shared a Caesar salad. Then John had salmon served on a bed of zucchini and gratin potatoes. I had gambas (about 8 or 10) which were presented standing proudly on their tails somehow around a hill of black rice in a creamy sauce with a brandy reduction. John's salmon was overcooked. I begged him to send it back. He shrugged and said it was fresh anyway so he'd eat it as is/was. Some people really do not know how to make a proper fuss. My gambas were exquisite. I had never seen black rice. It was scrumptious. When the waiter (James nice guy) came to ask if everything was all right, I ratted my brother out. "My brother's salmon is overcooked." said I. That prompted the waiter to not only apologize, but to scurry away then return to tell us the desserts were on him. We don't eat much dessert so we asked for another glass of wine each. James took care of our final glasses of wine.

We came home, drank a nightcap glass of Sauvignon Blanc that John had brought from Whole Foods and decided to watch Louis CK at the Beacon Theater on Netflix.

Usually I hate comedians.They don't seem spontaneous to me. They're up there like: "I am now going to recite some pre-digested stuff to make you laugh." Louis CK does about that same thing except he can be quite spontaneous-sounding so I don't mind so much. The highlight for me was when at one point LouisCK described smoking dope with some 20 year old kids in a parking lot. He told how he was taking these deep drags on the joint. The 20 year old kids tried to warn him to slow down.

"Mister, you should sip this joint. It's some heavy duty shit." LouisCK didn't listen "What do kids know about smoking dope? I am an old pro." He thinks. Then suddenly he realizes that the last time he had smoked dope was in 1993 in the days when dope was this tame little drug that gave you a tame little high. Louis CK is choking and coughing the way one does when smoking dope.

Then he said, "My head was going to explode right in front of these innocent kids." Then he added, "I realized this was not going to be a jolly trip at all. My stupid "smoke dope with 20 year olds" experiment was going to be "an Ordeal"." Like the creeping new technologies have turned dope into some kind of industrial strength narcotic that cooks your brain. Next thing he said was :"I hadda get out of there. I got in my car. I was driving along when suddenly I realized I had been driving for 40 minutes and had yet to look out the front windshield..." He got funnier from there. If you have ever smoked too strong dope, you know it's not exactly fun. A too powerful high makes it difficult to lift one foot and place it ahead of the other one that is even more difficult to lift. Let's face it. Heavy duty dope slows you down. No. It paralyzes you. You can't dial the phone or pee straight. Anyway my brother John and I ended our evening collapsed together on the couch drowning in that kind of heavy giggly breathy choking laughter you can only share with a sibling you love who gets it.



CORRENS The Most Organic Village in Provence

by Suzanne White - on Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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CORRENS – The Most Organic Village in Provence

This past Sunday, a friend and I had been driving around La Provence Verte for hours. She is looking for property to buy around here. She wants to do organic farming. We had been checking out the territory all morning. It was 1 pm. We were starving. Because the village of Correns is all about growing organic foods we chose to try to have lunch there. The town square had two chancey looking cafés. The owner of the less chancey told us to go across the road to the Auberge du Parc and to hurry because they might close early.

From outside this hotel/restaurant looks older than dirt and maybe not too savory. But inside! It's a romantic poem. Decorated with refined taste yet not pretentious. The garden restaurant is large and was crowded with happy lunchers. The woman waiter was in such a hurry she asked us to wait for a table. We did that. She set us up in no time and brought out bread and water and a bottle of the delicious local rosé. I ordered the lunch at 30 euros. Foie gras, roast lamb and nougat glacé. The best of everything! Just the best! My friend had the organic menu. A lovely mixed salad, chicken tajine style and a special home made caramel cream in a glass. We loved it all. At the end of our meal, the rail thin chef and his rail thin wife came out to fold up cushions and get the outdoor dining room ready for the dinner crowd, I told him how impressed we were with his cuisine. He smiled a modest grin and nodded "merci". Then I said, "I have never eaten a better nougat glacé. Anywhere." He replied, "You are not the first person who has told me that." I said I understood why. He then set about telling me how he makes it. "You start with nougatine" I didn't know what nougatine was. Turns out it's crunchy like peanut brittle only instead of peanuts and sugar it's made of honey and almonds. After smashing the nougatine to smithereens, he adds all the rest of the ingredients - including "a confetti of fruits confits" (glazed fruit bits). It's crunchy and creamy and fruity honey ice cream.

Put Auberge du Parc at Correns on your bucket list. You can sleep there too. They have 5 rooms. Average room price 89 euros. ($104). Quiet. Elegant, Unostentatious and the food... And the food! And there is a lovely pool and a pretty outdoor seating area. Phone Tél : +33 (0) What's more? Angelina and Brad lived in Correns for a few blissful years before folding up their tent and moving on. Even though the movie stars have flown away, Correns has remained delightful, ancient, authentic Correns.




by Suzanne White - on Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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Today I found myself crying. The arrival of this weepy episode was unexpected. Since my kids evicted me from my house in 1998, I have not cried. After that event, I refused all emotion. The pain of what had happened was so deep and pervasive that I knew I would never live through more of the same. So I blocked all entries to emotion.I knew that If I cried about what had happened, I would die crying. So I blockaded emotion. Never again would I trust or believe blindly in anyone.

So many years have gone by. I've had cancer and heart disease and broken my hip and lucky for me always I have recovered. Today, on the French TV news they showed in some charming town in Provence that the small individually owned shops were shutting down. One after the other. That people no longer come to town and search for that perfect dress for that perfect soirée. Now they go to the mall or buy online.

So I was sitting here, as I so often do, watching the TV news which comes on at 13h. At some point they began talking about small businesses closing down. No more cute shops. No more small family run restaurants. Nor more jewelers or butchers or charcuteries. They are just simply closing their doors and leaving. As the news person spoke, I was sinking into my chair, thinking about the slow but sure demolition of all that I knew about living in a town. My town. Nowadays
"You want something? Go to the mall." It was then I suddenly found myself in tears. Sobbing for the loss of my world. ©suzannewhite2018




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New Astrology Stars of the Day

Meet new famous (and infamous) people here every week. Find out their New Astrology sign and see how significantly their lives are affected by it. For example: Monkeys are problem solvers. But Scorpio/Monkeys can be awful showoffs. Cancers are home-loving and sensual. But Cancer/Dogs are snappish and short tempered. You will see. It's the blending of their western with their Chinese sign that makes all the difference.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford: Sagittarius/Horse – The Kindly Spectator

by Suzanne White - on Tuesday, September 25, 2018
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Christine Margaret Blasey Ford is known professionally as Christine Blasey. She is an American psychologist and professor of statistics at Palo Alto University.Widely published in her field, she specializes in designing statistical models for research projects.During her academic career, Ford has worked as a research psychologist for Stanford University's Department of Psychiatry and a professor at the Stanford University School of Medicine Collaborative Clinical Psychology Program. 


Kamala Harris and Cory Booker: Star Duo of the Week

by Suzanne White - on Monday, September 10, 2018
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Cory Anthony Booker age 49 is an American politician serving as the junior United States Senator from New Jersey since 2013. The first African-American U.S. Senator from New Jersey, he was previously the 36th Mayor of Newark from 2006 to 2013. Cory Booker recently had some strong, controversial things to say about Brett Kavanaugh (US Supreme Court nominee) and has said he will deliver confidential documents to the Senate – even if it costs him his job. Courage? You betcha.


Brett Kavanaugh: Aquarius/Snake - The Intuitive Poseur

by Suzanne White - on Wednesday, September 05, 2018
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Brett Michael Kavanaugh, age 53, is a United States circuit judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. Kavanaugh has been nominated to become an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. 



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Western and Chinese Astrology

Unlike Sun Signs, Chinese Astrological Signs are simply based on the year of your birth. The Chinese signs go through 12 year cycles, starting with Rat and ending with Pig.

Suzanne White's Chinese Astrology Horoscopes for the Year of the Dog

by Suzanne White - on Sunday, February 04, 2018
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2018 is the year of the Yang Earth Dog. All energies are influenced by the earth element. Earth Dog people are more grounded that their Fire, Water, Wood and Metal counterparts. 2018 will be action-packed with major changes all over the world - especially with national security. Big upheavals in the Middle East and Asia.  



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