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Bill & Hillary Clinton: Star Couple of the Week

by Suzanne White - on Wednesday, January 24, 2018
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Don’t laugh. This couple is a perfect example of the harmony between Dogs and Pigs and a good example of the lofty Leo/Dog Leader type adored and admired by the dutiful Scorpio/Pig. Although these two are not always loved and admired by the general public, I recommend you get to know them better.

Bill is a brilliant guy – and a resolute skirt chaser who had an unfortunate sexual adventure with someone who unbeknownst to him, had crept under his desk at the White House. He was vilified and even impeached! for the standard macho crime of “getting a little on the side”. I know. He lied. But then whose doesn’t lie? Bill Clinton has stature and class and a sly nose for captivating the public’s attention.

Hillary, the Scorpio/Pig, on the other hand, is a classic example of the “helpmate” of someone important. She obviously married Bill because he is so damned handsome, intelligent and well-spoken and... he had ambition for greatness. He is certainly seductive. He is a lawyer and so is she. But Bill is the wheeler-dealer lawyer and Hillary is more reflective and not so much in need of the spotlight as he. She is always willing to take a back seat so as to let his grandeur reign.

As history has taught us, this Scorpio/Pig and Leo/Dog couple make a solid match. They have been through dark tunnels in their married life. And come out the other side, smiling. Oddly, though she ran for president in 2016, Hillary is not really ambitious to lead or to be in the limelight. She still thrives on being Bill’s wife and Chelsea’s mom and I felt, relinquished the presidency with grace and charm. No hysterics or strident lectures. Just the lady who lost. Remember. Marie-Antoinette is the same New Astrology sign as Hillary. She adored living the lavish life at Versailles as the wife of Louis XVI who was – not unlike Bill, born in August in 1754, a Dog year!

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton, born on August 19, 1946 is a Leo/Dog – The Noble Captain

"All the Dog’s respectability, heroism and undying constancy shot through with Leo loyalty, nobility and philanthropy find us confronted here with one of the most frankly earnest people ever born. So indulgent is this character with those he loves that if one of his friends committed a cold-blooded act of horror before his very eyes, the Leo/Dog would deny he saw it. He would find an excuse for the person. He would bake cake upon cake with files inside. He’d spring for the bail, the fines, the lawyers. And when finally, through his devoted efforts, his friend the criminal is set free again, Leo/Dog will find him a vacation spot, encourage his friend to invite whom he wants along and pick up the tab for that, too. Leo/Dogs are incorrigibly caring. And they are intelligent! They know how to get where they need to be to feel safe and keep things under control. These people are hyper sexy. No. I didn’t say “oversexed”. But almost. Despite a desire for lasting love in marriage, Leo/Dogs’ sex lives are peppered with “shady’ adventures and murky one night stands. It’s the stray Dog thing which, despite Leo’s nobility, rises once in awhile to the surface."

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton born on October 26, 1947 is a Scorpio/Pig – The Admirable Charmer

"In his book Animal Farm, George Orwell writes in jest that “all pigs are created equal... but some are more equal than others.” The Scorpio/Pig possesses natural magnificence. He’s duskier than most Pigs. Scorpio has just what the doctor ordered to remedy that silly piggie credulity: suspicion. It’s a good match. This person will surely go a long way in life. Moreover, he or she will be cheered along by many admiring companions. Often, Scorpios born in Pig years are exceptionally good-looking. They have an enigmatic quality that other more direct Pigs would envy. What’s more, Scorpio/Pigs know how to dress. Both signs have a taste for the sensually appealing. Watch for elegant décolletages and spiffy smoking jackets. Sex and power are the special provinces of the Scorpio born Pig. These folks wallow in intrigue and often use their sex appeal to win out against fearsome foes. Sensuality oozes out this Pig’s very pores."

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