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Suzanne White

Author • Adventuress • Astrologer


Year of the Pig 


  • Your best

    • Color: White
    • Flower: Day Lily
    • Fragrance: Russian Leather
    • Tree: Cottonwood
    • Flavor: Savory
    • Birthstone: Amethyst
    • Lucky number: 2
  • Your favorite

    • Food: Sweetbreads
    • Animal: Dove
    • Drink: Nectar
    • Spice: Pepper
    • Metal: Uranium
    • Herb: Sage
    • Musical Instrument: Harp
  • More About Aquarius

    • Element: Air
    • Is a: Fixed sign
    • Ruled by: Eccentric Uranus
    • Motto: "I fly free."

Who are you?

When Aquarians are not obliged to rebel against authority or flaunt stupid rules, they feel free to show their best visionary, tolerant, charitable, autonomous, ingenious, brilliant, original and individualistic side. But when they feel stifled or criticized for being the goofy whiz kids they inevitably are, Aquarians tend to exaggerate their eccentricities: they strive to be the most peculiar oddballs on the block , crave separateness, seek exclusion, exhibit rank thoughtlessness and may even become irrational and mean.

Aquarians are anything but ordinary folk. Au contraire. Aquarians are atypical. They usually care deeply about the welfare of humanity, but they often seem to care less about their immediate loved ones and family. Aquarians are the most paradoxical of people.

Everybody agrees. Aquarians are weird. Of course, this "weirdo" label is thoroughly unfair, politically incorrect and downright unkind - especially for conventional Aquarians who are trying to "pass" as apple pie normal. Sorry. Now pipe down, Aquarius. Don't run off to Siberia because we called you a weirdo. You know as well as I do that you do not like to conform, obey rules or behave in any fashion whatsoever which resembles the run-of-the-mill. You are different. And most ordinary people consider your differentness to be highly eccentric. That's their problem

I, for one, belong to the worldwide international global network of Aquarius Fans clubs. If there weren't any Aquarians, there would hardly be any geniuses among us. Whether they are Inventors, Creators, Breakthrough Scientists, Nobel Prize winners, Abstract Painters, Space Travelers, Psychic New Agers, Virtuoso Musicians, Master Builders, Exceptional Architects, Revolutionaries, Computer Wizards or some other amazingly outrageously talented sort of person, all Aquarians carry the brilliance gene.

How this brilliance manifests in their day-to-day is what often gets in the way of Aquarian well-being. As the average person born under this sign, is not average at all, their very presence in a group situation can be a real pain in the deree. If the clan sees the solution to the problem of roofing the new school as a simple shingle job, a few hundred nails and a carpenter or two, the Aquarian in the clan will just about never see it their way. He or she will want first to cantilever the roof, then put in a triangular window with panes of different colors which send light into the school auditorium so the little children will notice the effect of light and color on their moods as they day passes. The Aquarian's proposal is, of course, a fantastic idea. Creative and clever and sooo esthetically pleasing. But it's also expensive and impractical. So what happens? The roofing committee boos and hisses the Aquarian out of the room and calls in a carpenter with a few hundred nails and some shingles to roof the school.

Aquarians who evolve without too much resistance from parents and teachers and other possible repressive elements in their youth, usually grow up to be very successful and remarkably stable people. But when a gifted young Aquarian is thwarted and scolded for being so individualistic, he or she can be turn out to be very crazy indeed. All Aquarians must to be recognized first as individuals and secondly (if at all) as part of a family or club or ethnicity or religious sect etc. Aquarians are natural exiles. Their freedom is of primary importance to them. They might have to be excluded in order to gain their sovereignty, but for most Aquarians autonomy comes first. Love, for Aquarians, begins with loving his or her fellow man. Aquarians not only care about the welfare of the planet, they aim to Do something about it. Aquarians usually have bezillions of friends and as many acquaintances all around the world with whom they stay in touch by every means possible from space travel to ham radio to the Internet or satellite phone. Aquarians LOVE everybody.

But intimate love, coupledom and marriage? Difficult. Very touchy subject.

If you fall in love with an Aquarian, make sure that you have your own head screwed on really tight before entering any permanent form of bond with him. This person cares more about his personal "selfhood" than he ever can about the collective couple or family unit you may wish to create. He or she can be a superlative sexual partner, an imaginative suitor and/or a remarkable seductress. But don't wait around for your Aquarius spouse to join in banal country club functions or participate in joyful family reunions. Just go ahead and live your life and act pleased when he or she shows up - or doesn't.

Mates? Scorpio is exciting but risky for the unsuspecting Aquarius. Scorpio goes for the soul of a love partner and Aquarians don't give up their souls without a fight. Cancer is too needy and moody for this airy freedom-craving person to tolerate for long. The best possible mates for Aquarians are Leos (their opposite) and well, beyond that, they can mate with just about anybody who can put up with their obsession with being "different". Professionally, Aquarians can do anything except routine jobs. An Aquarian must be creatively challenged. He or she can excel as a journalist, photographer, research scientist, financial wizard, master plumber, entrepeneur, ballet dancer or opera star. Aquarians should choose careers where genius is applauded and singularity of point of view is appreciated. Wherever the Aquarian feels misunderstood, he flees.