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Suzanne White

Author • Adventuress • Astrologer


Year of the Pig 


  • Your best

    • Color: Blue
    • Flower: Moon flower
    • Fragrance: L'Heure Bleue
    • Tree: Weeping Willow
    • Flavor: Strawberry
    • Birthstone: Ruby
    • Lucky number: 4
  • Your favorite

    • Food: Home-cooked anything
    • Animal: Crab
    • Drink: Water
    • Spice: Salt
    • Metal: Gold
    • Herb: Basil
    • Musical Instrument: Guitar
  • More About Cancer

    • Element: Water
    • Is a: Cardinal sign
    • Ruled by: The Moon
    • Motto: "I Feel"

Who are you?

When they are not in a funk, Cancers are imaginative, warmhearted, insightful, long suffering, caring, giving, affectionate, funny, generous and charming.When they are out of sorts, Cancers become grasping, possessive, jealous, melancholy, remote, sullen, hypersensitive, irritable, sulky and caustic.

Everybody knows that Cancer people are moody. They may successfully conceal their touchy sensitivities behind a wall of sarcastic humor and hotshot accouterments such as luxury cars, highly-paid jobs, elegant surroundings, fancy friends and grand banquet-style entertaining, but sooner or later, if and when you get close enough to know the heart of a Cancer person, you will most certainly witness their perpetual struggle to stay out of the dumps.

Cancers are summer people. Born in late June and July, they crave sunlight and thrive in warm climates. I'd venture that half of the people who suffer from the SAD syndrome (Seasonal Affective Disorder - Winter depression caused by lack of light) might be Cancerians. People born in Cancer are too absorbent by half. The clanging brouhaha of the big bad world affects them profoundly. Noise causes them to shudder and shrink. Frank comments about their appearance or the way they speak can make them cringe, run away and hide for days or weeks. Cancers need time alone. Whether in repose or at work on a creative project, they require intermittent rumination periods. These retreats allow rampant (sometimes negative) thoughts to run free inside their heads and give them a break from the rigors of communication. In order to re-stoke their furnaces with psychic energy so essential for them to face the outside world, Cancerians need time alone. Lots of it.

The most crucial element of any Cancer's life is his or her home. Cancers usually settle in one place and work at the same job and will stay there for long years, working diligently to improve their position. Because they are not only sensitive, but capable as well, Cancers often become head honcho or honcho-ess in the field of their choice. It's not that Cancers are so ambitious for title or gain, but they enjoy making plenty of money in order to provide handsomely for their beloved families. Kids must be educated. The house must be built according to traditional methods with finest materials and excellent decor. Cancers favor prestige vehicles, antique furniture, paintings by old masters, family portraits framed in gold, four poster beds,up to the minute designer kitchens where hearty home-cooked meals are prepared en famille and well-appointed dining rooms where the whole gang gathers at meal time for nourishment and conversation. Cancers often keep pets and put patiently up with live-in mothers-in-law and aging relatives who might otherwise be relegated to rest homes.

Cancer attaches great importance to the past. Genealogy fascinates them. They find ancient monuments soothing. They are awash in collectors' items: classic motor cars, toys, antique tools, cases of fine wines, leather-bound books printed on vellum in eye-challenging illegible lettering about the origins of their city. You name it. Cancers will dig it out of their attic or basement or shed. An antique John Deere tractor may sit rusting in their garage for years. Do they use it? Does it run? Not necessarily. It's just there to provide an attachment to the past.

Cancers, we already know, hang on to people in the same way they cling to old junk and accumulate obsolete goods. When they love someone, they assume that they own them. "My son, the doctor, my daughter, the prima ballerina, my wife the perfect householder and mother, my husband the ideal mate who never forgets to bring home the bacon." are common Cancerian remarks about cherished family members. In a Cancer-run home, everybody's welfare, past, present and future belongs to the chief who, by means of generosity, tender caring, strict discipline and example attaches his or her people to their roots.

Cancers make impressively conscientious employees, excellent parents and devoted spouses. They make diligent business executives, physicians, artists, writers, nurses, builders and home run business owners.

In love the Cancer person is long-suffering and devoted. Though not always in constant good humor and beset by bouts with depression, Cancers are generally responsible and responsive lovers. They are sensual, enjoy the safety of commitment and seek partners who are capable of sticking out the difficult periods in order to enjoy sharing the good times. Cancers should choose their mates among sense-attuned Taureans and Scorpios, Pisces and sometimes even Librans. Noisy Saggitarians and feisty action-packed Aries make them nervous. Leos want to take over their starring role in the family and Virgos tend to bore them. Capricorn will appeal to Cancer (opposites attract) when young, but as they mature, Cancers discover that Capricorn's ambitious goals and rigorous nature, clash with their own desire to keep the home fires burning at any cost. Cancer/Capricorn marriages often do not last.

>One last note on dealing with Cancer people: If you notice your Cancer partner becoming grouchy and irritable, back off. Don't try to talk to them about it. Don't attempt to jolly them along or poke fun at their cranky remarks. Instead, use my brother George's Bo-Peep technique: "Leave them alone and they'll come home wagging their tails behind them". Dress your grumpy Cancers warmly and send them out for a long ride to some far away venue where they can be alone to think. Do not, I repeat, do not try to get them to "share" their sorrows with you. If you do, it will take them much longer to come home wagging their tails.