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Suzanne White

Author • Adventuress • Astrologer


Year of the Pig 


  • Your best

    • Color: Ice Blue
    • Flower: Lily
    • Fragrance: Evergreen
    • Tree: Evergreen
    • Flavor: Purest Vanilla
    • Birthstone: Garnet
    • Lucky number: 8
  • Your favorite

    • Food: Vichyssoise
    • Animal: Mountain Goat
    • Drink: Cabernet
    • Spice: Cinnamon
    • Metal: Silver
    • Herb: Rosemary
    • Musical Instrument: Oboe
  • More About Capricorn

    • Element: Earth
    • Is a: Cardinal sign
    • Ruled by: Rigorous Saturn
    • Motto: "I Strive"

Who are you?

This brave and nimble mountain Goat person climbs relentlessly over craggiest rocks and braves gawping abysses to reach summit after slippery summit. Capricorn endures winter's fiercest storms and struggles through blustery nights to reach goal after goal until exhaustion sets in. But does the spent Capricorn then just sigh and lie down in a snow bank to wait for the numbness and euphoria of hypothermia to set in? No way! Not by the hair of your chinny chin chin. Capricorns never give up. They just keep on scaling that mountainside, hoof after hoof until they get to the top.

Why? Because it's there!

Capricorns view life as a full time 24/7 challenge. They are ambitious for achievement (but not necessarily for gain) in the areas where they themselves choose to excel. They are sometimes deliberate and somewhat rigid. They are often bossy and impatient with stragglers. And they are most admirable because they don't care what others think of their methods. Hence, they never wither under criticism.

Ask a Capricorn what he or she is doing. Their answers will almost always surprise you. "I'm writing a novel, producing a musical comedy, cooking a gourmet meal for 20 friends who dropped in unexpectedly and bathing the baby." The average Capricorn is, you understand, doing all of those things at once. Anything happening on the home front? "Oh yeah. I'm redecorating the apartment in Gstaad, renting out my Paris flat to three Cambodian monks and fixing up an art deco building in Miami. Oh, and I almost forgot, I just bought a palace in Montevideo. It's such a beautiful city. Totally undiscovered. And the people there are really nice. I'm taking Spanish classes three evenings a week.

Capricorns will tackle any and everything that they consider interesting and they will do it all well. If they do fail, they call it a wash, pick themselves up and think up some new obstacle to overcome. Capricorns like to get to the top of their chosen fields and stay there. They do not shrink from competition and wear their successes with dash and aplomb. If a Capricorn ever suffers from self doubt, you will be the last to know about it. No sniveling or whining ever escapes their lips.

Sometimes I think that Capricorns are crazy for pain because they repeatedly brave the impossible. But I know better. For Capricorns, although they may be perceived as rank opportunists, persistently endeavor to achieve a place in the world picture in some area that they have pinpointed as their own. If they miss one boat that will carry them there, they simply carry on, undiscouraged, and patiently await the arrival of the next boat.

Capricorns can't dance very well. Though nimble of foot, they are not truly gifted for rhythmic movement and they don't sway convincingly either. They often stumble and can be clumsy and move awkwardly. Capricorns clump when they walk and are wont to fall on their angular derrières at the slightest provocation. I merely mention this unfortunate trait because Capricorns need special handling. The kid glove treatment for Goats might sound funny to you, but that is exactly what one must accept to provide in order to properly love a Capricorn. When they fall down, they must be picked up and cuddled and hugged and cajoled not to worry about it. "You will get there sweetie. Just keep your eye on the donuts and not on the hole." is the best policy.

It's rare that an evolved Capricorn gives up. But if they threaten to or seem like they might be losing confidence, trust me. It's only a brief slump. When they notice the Capricorn retreating, it is up to their loved ones to encourage them to get back on the horse that threw them and focus once again on the goal they originally set for themselves. Capricorns are solitary folk so they can seem almost anti-social at times. Give them time. They move fast but they live slow, watch their every step and take their good old time. But when finally they manage to combine their lone ranger side with their world beater ethic, Capricorns shine like purest silver, catching every glint of sunlight which reverberates off the new fallen snow on their arduously attained mountaintop.

Love? Well yes. Capricorns make gorgeous lovers. They are often drop dead good-looking, stand up tall and carry themselves with remarkable dignity. They also adore pleasure and know how to give it as well as appreciate its gifts for themselves. The way to a Capricorn's heart is frequently by way of the palate. All Capricorns LOVE to eat well. When young, they are often drawn to exacting Virgos and cotton on to moody Cancers. But as they mature, Capricorns favor the company and warmth of magnificent Leos and can make excellent partners for easygoing Pisces too. I don't love Taurus for Capricorn. (too stodgy) But it often works. Maybe because they are both Earth signs. I advise giving Gemini and a wide berth. And Aries? Too active and warlike. Weirdo Aquarius just doesn't make sense for the grounded Capricorn. But for some extra terrestrial reason, Scorpio with Capricorn often works a treat.

Professions for Capricorn are wide open. They can do anything they set their sights on and do it better than anyone else. It is however best if they stick to leadership jobs and only aim for starring roles. A Capricorn stuck in a dank, windowless office wearing moderate-priced junior executive togs and scribbling figures on a page is a miserable Capricorn indeed.