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Suzanne White

Author • Adventuress • Astrologer


Year of the Pig 


  • Your best

    • Color: Royal Blue
    • Flower: Calendula
    • Fragrance: Giorgio (or nothing!)
    • Tree: Ash
    • Flavor: Tomato
    • Birthstone: Citrine
    • Lucky number: 5
  • Your favorite

    • Food: Fast Food
    • Animal: Whippet
    • Drink: Iced Tea
    • Spice: Saffron
    • Metal: Mecury
    • Herb: Basil
    • Musical Instrument: Piano
  • More About Gemini

    • Element: Air
    • Is a: Mutable sign
    • Ruled by: Chatty Mercury
    • Motto: "I Think"

Who are you?

On sunny days when the world seems brightest, Geminis show themselves to be infinitely versatile, quick-witted, flexible, observant, communicative, good listeners, amusing, intelligent, perceptive, busy and generally optimistic.

But when the chips are down, Geminis show us their flip side and become nervous, fidgety, scattered, prevaricating, glib, fickle, aimless and edgy.

One of the things I like best about astrology is that it shows us that all people are vastly different from each other. Of all the signs in the western zodiac, nobody is more vastly different than Gemini. People b0rn between May 22nd and June 21st are not "weird different" the way Aquarians can be. Nor are they the same kind of "different" as moody Cancers or sniping Scorpios. No. Geminis are their own kind of different - they are peculiarly diverse and multi-faceted.

Geminis can perform many tasks at once, pay attention to five simultaneous media gabbling away , eavesdrop on the chit chat of a trio of blondes in the corner of the room at a party and be watching the Super Bowl and bathing the dog at the same time. The Gemini mind (and silver tongue) is everywhere at once. And sometimes, when the mental activity grows too crowded in there and the Gemini spirit becomes too densely populated with input, Gemini cries out for help.

This multi-talented word factory of a person is a born actor. The theaters and operas and cinemas and TV channels of the world are crawling with gifted Geminis who perform brilliantly every day and night for our spectating pleasure. Look at the Gemini celebrities on my Web site and count the extraordinary number of theatrical people listed. Not only can Geminis act, they can also write remarkable prose and poetry and they can often sing as well. Gemini is all about absorbing information as fast as his sizzling synapses can suck it up and then broadcasting it in some way or other to his adoring public.

The most delightful quality of Gemini is his or her ability to amuse. If you're feeling blue, have dinner with a Gemini. The Gemini always sees the lighter side. Not that he or she doesn't grasp the gravity of the darker elements, but Gemini likes to poke fun at life and always manages to bring us back from morosity by cleverly presenting the laughable side of the issue. Your mother-in-law is coming for Christmas? Your car is in the pound and you don't have the money to bail it out? Your wife left you and took all the furniture the kids - and the dog? Call a Gemini. Invite him or her to come round and show you how hilarious your dilemma can be. Why Gemini knows a story about a guy who hung his mother-in-law out the window by her feet for two whole hours until she agreed to shut her trap. He also heard of a woman who batted her eyelashes at an unsuspecting cop at the automobile prison and got her car back for nothing with a dozen red roses in the front seat as a bonus. And about the wife who left you? "Not to worry", says Gemini. One lost wife will find you ten.

Many astrologers tell us that because Gemini is a dual sign, we are at a disadvantage as we never know what to expect. One day our favorite Gemini is cheerful and the next day she's cranky and out of sorts. But isn't that then what we can expect? If we know that Gemini is uneven-tempered and as changeable as the seasons, we can thus anticipate that the average Gemini is going to have kaleidoscopic humors over which he or she has no control. It up to us to be on the lookout for the Gemini to shift gears mid speedway and learn to go with the Gemini flow.

If you love a Gemini and are intimately involved, this mutability can cause some consternation. One day in a fit of largesse, your Gemini spouse decides to buy that huge country mansion you both fell in love with last Sunday afternoon. Next day, she has changed her mind and prefers to rent a tiny apartment in the city so she can be closer to her office. What can I say? If you love a Gemini, get ready to ride the waves of change. Geminis are exasperatingly chameleonic people... but they are rarely boring. Geminis can marry up with busy Aries who have a similar sense of humor to the Gemini. Gemini also gets along with Libra who will attempt to balance out the Gemini uneven temper. Leos, Scorpios and some Sagittarians as well as Taureans also get on well with Geminis. But the long term success of these last relationships would ultimately depend on their mutual New Astrology signs - if a Scorpio/Ox asked me about marrying a Gemini/Goat, for example, I would have to advise against it. Oxen are too stodgy for most Geminis - unless of course that particular Gemini is also an Ox. Then, they would work together like any self-respecting team of Oxen should.

Professions for Gemini are all about communication. Broadcasting, journalism, sales, acting, singing, teaching, hotel management, restaurants, real estate and any and all other jobs where persuasive, amusing speech is an asset will suit the Gemini down to the ground.