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Suzanne White

Author • Adventuress • Astrologer


Year of the Pig 


  • Your best

    • Color: Gold
    • Flower: Sunflower
    • Fragrance: Shalimar
    • Tree: Maple
    • Flavor: Tangy
    • Birthstone: Pericot
    • Lucky number: 3
  • Your favorite

    • Food: Steak Tartare
    • Animal: Lion
    • Drink: Gutsy red wine
    • Spice: Curry
    • Metal: Cobalt
    • Herb: Taragon
    • Musical Instrument: Trumpet
  • More About Leo

    • Element: Fire
    • Is a: Fixed sign
    • Ruled by: The Sun
    • Motto: "I Appear."

Who are you?

The best side of Leo comes out when he or she is called upon to be noble, philanthropic, powerful, warm-hearted, loyal, protective and logical. The not-so-pleasant underbelly of the Leo character appears when we notice Leo waxing arrogant, show-offy, vain, tyrannical, promiscuous, imperious and overbearingly self-congratulatory.

Leos are magnificent people with tons of panache who always insist on being the hosts of their own outstanding shows. It's a well known fact - no Leo ever goes placidly un-noticed. Wherever a Leo lives, works or interacts, there is always instant, visible evidence of his or her personality. Leos put their stamp on everything they touch. They decorate the house their way. They dress themselves (and their mates and kids) their way. They create projects which are undeniably theirs and they drive their kind of vehicle and buy their favorite DVD. In short, Leo rules. Hence the Leo trademark appears on every tangible item in his or her immediate vicinity.

Branding, as they do, their every act and possession with their personal seal, Leos show the world who they are and what they mean to convey. If little Lisa goes to school wearing flowered lederhosen, it's because her Leo mother adores those Austrian duds that she found on her trip to Europe last year and wants others to notice them. Never mind if Lisa prefers tattered jeans and skimpy t-shirts. Momma Lion rules. If Leo's Aries wife wears Armani suits and Charles Jourdan shoes to match, it is very likely that she sought her Leo husband's seal of approval before buying them. Leo men who want to seem tough and powerful will drive tough, powerful cars and Leo women who prefer to appear poetic, will ride spiffy Italian scooters and wear long flowing scarves and jaunty berets on their furry heads. For Leos, marking their territory with their own identity is foremost among priorities.

No matter what they do for a living or how they choose to appear to others, Leos are always on some sort of self-constructed stage where they (and only they) perform. Maybe they merely tell stupid jokes or recount silly stories about their co-workers. Or perhaps they gently tease their family and friends at table or hold steamily forth on some political view or other or cook expertly,turning pancakes in the air or whipping up exotic sauces, in front of all their guests. But whatever the performance may be, when you are in the presence of a true Leo person, you are supposed to notice them first, to acknowledge their superior presence and (if possible) to applaud and laugh at even the dumbest of their jokes.

When I say that Leos are noble, I really mean that. Leos may rule with an iron hand but they do so good-heartedly and with the best of intentions. Leos are fast and willing friends. They will help you out, lend a hand or money, stay up all night with your squalling baby or give you the shirt off their back - as long as you remember to recognize their favors and never forget to clap loudly, squeal with delight and pat them on the back when the good deed is accomplished.

Leos also like drama. Not that they create neurotic scenes or stage temper tantrums. Rather, Leos enjoy exhibiting themselves in positive ways. They may be actors or dancers or singers or painters or writers, but they won't act or dance or sing, paint or write in some secret ivory tower. If a Leo creates, he or she also shows the work; and the purpose of the presentation is to be seen or heard or read aloud and then complimented on the excellent work they have accomplished. Leos live for attention. They are all about ego definition and about spreading that unique personal identity to their public.

Most Leos cultivate an entourage. They enjoy the company of the herd and cherish their place among those who belong to, appreciate and admire them. For this reason, Leos are family-oriented and will be the first to organize the giant barbecue for Grandpa's 75th birthday or spend more money than is decent on a daughter's marriage reception or blow their life savings on a son's graduation party. Part of this desire to entertain casts of thousands is to impress, but the other part is designed by Leo so that he or she can play.

There is something of the grownup child in Leo. He or she will always try to be where there is fun to be had. Leo loves to exist in the present, to leave the past in the dust and experience the joy of the moment.

If you're looking for a steady partner who holds his or her own in a marriage, you can count on a Leo. Leos (with the occasional slip up in the bedroom dep't.) usually prove to be steady spouses and make excellent, caring parents. Although sex and passion are important to Leo, longevity is moreso. Leo wants to create a family - a unit of devoted people who respect, admire and most all - applaud him or her for every generous, proud Leonine gesture that he or she performs. Leos get on best with Aries and sometimes with Gemini too. They make interesting mates for ethereal Aquarians and are especially drawn to Capricorns whose diligence and industry they admire. Some advise the lustier Leo to marry sexy Scorpios. I don't.

Professionally, most properly-appreciated Leos will succeed. They need to be employed in leadership positions and given lots of room to expand, evolve and create. Leos can do well in business, are entrepreneurial, make superlative artists of all sorts and excel at law, medicine and other socially prestigious (and visible) careers.