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Suzanne White

Author • Adventuress • Astrologer


Year of the Pig 


  • Your best

    • Color: Pale yellow
    • Flower: Pansy
    • Fragrance: Musk
    • Tree: Dogwood
    • Flavor: Bittersweet
    • Birthstone: Aquamarine
    • Lucky number: 9
  • Your favorite

    • Food: Bread
    • Animal: Fish
    • Drink: Grand Marnier
    • Spice: Marjoram
    • Metal: Bronze
    • Herb: Herbes de Provence
    • Musical Instrument: Flute
  • More About Pisces

    • Element: Water
    • Is a: Mutable sign
    • Ruled by: Water
    • Motto: "I imagine"

Who are you?

When Pisceans are at one with real life and at their best, they are Perceptive, Creative, Tolerant, Giving, Open-minded, Easygoing, Trusting, Accepting, Spiritual, Sensuous, Poetic and Willing.

But when they are overwhelmed by the harsh vicissitudes of existence, Pisceans can become : Quarrelsome, Despondent, Fearful, Timid, Fugitive, Anxious, Fidgety and Self-righteous.

Pisces thrive in watery, ethereal realms where spirits lurk and angels fly free. That's right. No charge for Angels to wing about in Pisces' nether world. And leprechauns and fairies and dreams and sylphs and gremlins get in free as well. Pisces is unique. It's the single sign of the western zodiac where one can say that absolutely anything goes. Pisces is easy. "Wanna take in a movie?" "Sure," says Pisces. "I'll go to the movies with you." Perhaps the Pisces dreamed all week of attending a Bruce Springsteen concert that evening. But if you want to see a flick, well that's all right with Pisces. He or she can go to that Springsteen concert another time.

In mundane daily life, Pisces is acquiescent and gives in easily, changes horses mid stream and shrugs a lot. Sometimes when dealing with a Pisces person, you wonder if they have any backbone at all. They are soooooo acquiescent, compliant and yielding as to seem almost submissive.

But watch out. It is only the superficial material world about which Pisces doesn't give a damn. Do not ever try to walk on the flower beds in the spiritual part of a Piscean soul. Never stop them from dreaming. Do not interrupt their reveries to ask them to run out for milk, never jump down their throats about leaving the toilet seat up when they are busy creating a masterpiece of fine art. Okay about the movies and no Bruce Springsteen and never mind that we can't eat sushi tonight because Martha is allergic and not to worry about the diamond ring you can't afford this year either. About material things or best laid plans on the earthly plane, Pisces really doesn't care what adjustments he or she has to make in order to go along with the crowd or please a mate or jolly up a child or cater to someone else's idiosyncrasies.

What is more real to the Pisces is his or her other world. The world of dreams and fantasy. A place where Pisceans really live. A place called No Place. Most Pisceans have penned a large NO TRESPASSING sign on that special part of their life and you are not welcome (unless expressly invited) on their spiritual premises.

What I find particularly endearing about Pisces people is their sincere concern for the welfare of their fellow man. I don't think I know a single ruthless Pisces who bulldozes his or her way through piles of castoff friends and acquaintances to reach an earthly goal. Naturally, if their very lives are in danger, Pisceans can fight. But they prefer to swim away from conflict, ponder its outcome and return to the scene of the argument with sound solutions to ease everyone's pain. They are also charitable and ecology-conscious. Pisceans care deeply about and are willing to enter the fray for world peace, an end to globalization and the feeding of hungry waifs in the streets of some under developed country they will never visit.

Lots of Pisces-born people are vegetarians, animal rights advocates, human rights advocates, massage therapists, Amnesty international members, Reiki masters, Yoga instructors, astrologers and psychics. They live, you will recall, on another plane than the rest of us and can see further and more clearly what is happening outside the material world. Therefore, they are drawn to everything "alternative" and can excel at all manner of natural and holistic practices.   Above all, Pisceans are artists. Music and painting, sculpture, ceramics and film making, theater and dance and design are the natural bailiwick of Pisces folks. They can not only create art, but because their level of perception is fundamentally superior, they can appreciate art more fully than any other Sun sign can.

For Pisceans, love is all about soul connection. They are not particularly attracted to partners who can only bring them financial security or improve their social status or hatch a bunch of offspring with them. They need to attach themselves to their partner's pithy center As they are naturally compliant, sometimes they take up with oddball people none of us would touch with an extension ladder. Weirdoes and freaks and loonies litter their romantic lives. But Pisces manages all these crazies very well, as long as they find in them that link to their inner selves which justifies putting up with reversals or poverty or even conflict and friction or disapproval from family and friends.

As the final sign of the occidental zodiac, Pisces is often thought to have more wisdom than the rest of us. By the time the cycle of 12 signs is at its end the seasons have run through their various paces. The zodiac is ready to start over with a bang in Springy aggressive Aries and we are closer to the celestial plane where all is written in the stars.

Pisces' best partners are penetrating mysterious Scorpios who can truly appreciate Pisces laid back attitudes and connect to their dreamy spirits. Other possibles are watery, emotive Cancer and earth bound Taurus. Capricorns love Pisces people too. Pisces' sweetness and other worldliness softens the rugged Capricorn's arduous climb toward the crest of the mountain. Librans get along with Pisces as do certain extra sensory Aquarians. No Geminis or Leos please. The former is too scatty and the latter too self-involved.