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Suzanne White

Author • Adventuress • Astrologer


Year of the Pig 


  • Your best

    • Color: Wild Blue Yonder
    • Flower: Dandelion fluff
    • Fragrance: Horse
    • Tree: Tumbleweed
    • Flavor: Fast food
    • Birthstone: Turquoise
    • Lucky number: 1
  • Your favorite

    • Food: Big Mac
    • Animal: Horse
    • Drink: Quick beer
    • Spice: Hot
    • Metal: Mercury
    • Herb: Greener Grass
    • Musical Instrument: Pocket-size Harmonica
  • More About Sagittarius

    • Element: Fire
    • Is a: Mutable sign sign
    • Ruled by: Jumping Jupiter
    • Motto: "I Move"

Who are you?

At their very best, Saggitarians are: Generous, Courageous, Honest, Intelligent, Reasonable, Adventurous, Philosophical, Enthusiastic, Resilient, Caring and Loads of Fun.

But when they go too far (which is every other day) Sagittarians can become: Rebellious, Reckless, Outspoken, Tactless, Inconsistent, Perverse, Overbearing, Self-centered and Ill-mannered.

Saggitarians don't do anything. They overdo everything. They leap at life and gobble experience and inhale learning. They take each day in one huge gulp and barely go to bed for a quick rest, get up smiling and raring to devour the next day with the same verve and fire as the day before. Saggitarians pounce on time, using it up flagrantly as though every day were both their first and their last on Earth.

Needless to add, Saggitarians are always on the go. Never try to hold a Sagittarius back or in any way hinder his freedom of movement. If she wants to trot off India and live on an ashram for a week in order to try to understand Indian culture and learn about Buddhism as well as be able to report on the meaning of every single Indian god and goddess that ever existed when she gets back... drive her to the airport and pray that she doesn't decide to stop off for a weekend in Tokyo on her way home to try and pick up a few words of Japanese and learn how to make sushi in her own kitchen.

These people are all about motion and knowledge and most importantly, they are about understanding the world and its workings. Saggitarians seem to live on on a perpetual spree. Generally, they can be found studying yoga and taking piano and French lessons and have also decided to become a martial arts master and a gourmet cook while perfecting their skills on the zither - all at the same time. It is amazing what they can accomplish and it is also amazing how often they shift from one discipline to another without batting an eye.

Trouble is, because they cannot stand to be tethered or tamed, Saggitarians often fall prey to their own large gaping mistakes. They are forever marrying the wrong person, taking some goofy professional fork in the road or squandering their fortunes on tricky deals. If only for the thrill of doing it, Sagittarians are apt go overboard on everything from shopping for presents for their families to ingesting illegal substances. They are in perpetual danger of screwing up and need to discipline themselves from a young age to keep out of harm's way.

Outspoken is an understatement. Saggitarians (unless they have succeeded in getting their natural bluntness under control) always tell it like it is. "Your hair is all flat. What did you do? Didn't it used to be bigger? Fluffier?"

Good old hawkeye Sadge notices right away. But does he stop for one second to think that you may be having a bad hair day and that's why your head looks extra flat today and so maybe he should button his tactless fat lip before he "notices" in your face that you look like a smashed Easter egg? Nope. He pipes right up and splat! Your day is ruined for life.

Now this bluntness for which the Sagittarian is so famous, is not at all like the viper tongued sudden sarcasm of Scorpio. Sadges don't say your hair looks disgusting because they want to make a snotty remark or jab you one in the gut. No way. Sagittarian bluntness is pure childlike candor in the rough. Where you might put on a velvet glove when hinting to your best friend who needs an urgent face lift by saying, "My, Hilda but you're looking tired these days."

The Sagittarius friend blurts, "Hey Hilda honey you better get yourself a face lift before it's too late."

I know that you may think this is part of the inimitable Sadge charm. And indeed it can be. Especially if the Saggitarian in question is eight years old. But grownup Sagittarians take heed. Most people do not wish to hear the flat out truth, so if you must speak the truth, wrap is in some attractive manner so that your unsuspecting interlocutor doesn't go out and shoot herself before she can even get to the phone to call her plastic surgeon.

To stay in love with a Saggitarian, you must be first of all be an independent sort yourself. Never cling or appear needy. You must not mind being alone for months on end whilst your lover or fianc¨¦e is in the Antarctic or at Igloo university in Alaska or on the golf course in Scotland or in the Seychelles hunting for dead coral or resting in the south of France on a pebbly beach next to a blackjack table. Lots of Saggitarians never marry or else they marry late.

It is no mean feat to pin down a moving target and the successive possible marriage partners of most Saggitarians often get discouraged and defect before they even set a date. Contrary to popular myth, men like to be married and have few compunctions about leaving the little woman behind to tend the hearth and children. So Sagittarius men marry a bit more often than their female counterparts. But I know oodles of Saggitarian women who have never married. Too choosy? Too busy? Too easily bored? All of the above.

Sagittarians can safely marry an Aries or hitch their wagons to a tolerant Libra or tie the knot with a flightier than thou Gemini. Otherwise, they ought to think twice about wedded bliss. For a Sagittarian, forever is quite a bit longer than it seems at the altar.

The professional lives of Saggitarians are full of interesting possibilities. Number one Sadge profession is Doctor or nurse or some sort of caretaker. That sounds odd because Saggitarians seem so flighty. But they are also deeply caring people and understand how to reach out and touch those in need. As caretakers would, Sagittarians make great agents - real estate, literary, theatrical, sports - you name it. Saggitarians excel at behind-the-scenes middleman jobs where they represent others whom they truly want to help to become rich and/or famous so that they can take their hefty commissions and pat themselves on the back for doing such a good job for someone else. Sagittarians are superb at business as well. They learn so much so quickly that they can readily see around corners and be on the lookout for red flags, loopholes and traps. For this same reason, they often succeed as mini criminals. Clandestine poker games, drug dealing and unscrupulous real estate bonanzas are not uncommon among the more corrupt of the species. >