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Suzanne White

Author • Adventuress • Astrologer


Year of the Pig 


  • Your best

    • Color: Scarlet
    • Flower: Rose
    • Fragrance: Musk
    • Tree: Redwood
    • Flavor: Darkest Chocolate
    • Birthstone: Topaz
    • Lucky number: 7
  • Your favorite

    • Food: Steak (juicy)
    • Animal: Tiger
    • Drink: Bordeaux
    • Spice: Cayenne
    • Metal: Platinum
    • Herb: Cumin
    • Musical Instrument: Violin
  • More About Scorpio

    • Element: Water
    • Is a: Fixed sign
    • Ruled by: Mars (and Pluto)
    • Motto: "I create"

Who are you?

When they're being good (which is all too rare) Scorpios are dedicated, autonomous, magnetic, exciting, charming, witty, tender, loving, supportive, thrilling, magical, persuasive and strong.

When they are bad, Scorpios are simply horrid. By turns, they are cruel, sarcastic, selfish, greedy, vicious, vengeful, thoughtless, suspicious, sadistic, obsessive, ruthless, fanatical and nosy as hell.

I love Scorpios. Yes. They are are weird and mysterious and complex and sometimes really murky of mind. But at other times they are so witty and sharp-tongued and right-on-the-mark hilarious that well, I can't help myself. I find Scorpios irresistible.

That, cherished reader, is probably because I am, my own sweet self, a 100% card carrying bona fide Scorpio sun sign person. And because we Scorpios are so darned sure of how we feel about everything we see or touch or desire, I can be certain that when I meet up with a fellow Scorpio, we will either get along like two adjacent houses on fire or else we will hate each other on sight.

Scorpios don't understand middle ground, compromise, happy medium or moderation. With them, it's all or nothing. They love you to death and will squeeze the very life out of you unless and until you dedicate your soul to them forever after. Or else they simply hate your guts and will eat you alive for breakfast just because something about you bugs them. They are not really even too sure what that bothersome trait might be. But they feeeeel it and they can't stand you.

Scorpios are all about emotion. Not moody sadness emotion like Cancers. But rather dense, absorbing, reacting emotion. Scorpios intuit things with a unique intensity and cannot let go of their perpetual probing of people, ideas and even their most nightmarish anxieties until they have reached into every sticky cranny and ferreted out what they need to know.

Excellent long-term love relationships can be established with Scorpios. As they are all-or-nothing folks. When they give their "all", they marry and stay faithful to one partner their whole lives. But, if they are in the "nothing" phase, Scorpios can remain resolutely single and simply avoid the temptation to fall in love. Their reputation for being "sexy" is very real. So some less evolved Scorpios will spend a lifetime floating free in a sex-crazed world of their own design. Then, they can be either serially monogamous or, if playing the field, frankly rapacious.

Suitable partners for Scorpios ideally come from other water signs ( Cancer and Pisces). They get on well sexually with sensitive Taureans too. But they will mate with Capricorns whom they admire for their ambition and perseverance. I strongly advise Scorpios to elude Aries, Leos and/or Aquarians who, unless their birth charts jibe in other areas, will suffer under the rigors of Scorpio's sneaky wiles until death - sooner rather than later - really does them part. If you love a Scorpio, get ready to give up your cherished secrets, enter their mystical sphere and stay there forever. But, if you do dare to hold up under the strain of living with a Scorpio, prepare to experience the lustiest sex life you ever imagined possible. In bed, Scorpios wail! Thanks to their talent for digging out hidden information, Scorpios are talented for any and all kinds of metaphysical pursuits, detective work, journalism, creative writing, politics and spying. Do not ever require that a Scorpio perform routine, repetitive tasks. The Scorpio's brain is too complex to deal with the humdrum of sticking widgets in the same slot day after dutiful day. Sooner or later, he or she will start ruminating about the meaning of this or that widget to the future of the world and BAM! The whole production line will go down, causing enormous chaos and losses to both boss and fellow employees. Complicated jobs where Scorpio gets to work on his or her own are ideal - surgery, architecture, contracting, agenting, psychiatry, lawyering and archeology - to name a few.