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Suzanne White

Author • Adventuress • Astrologer


Year of the Pig 


  • Your best

    • Color: Dark Green
    • Flower: Snowdrop
    • Fragrance: Shalimar
    • Tree: Oak
    • Flavor: Salty
    • Birthstone: Emerald
    • Lucky number: 6
  • Your favorite

    • Food: Greens
    • Animal: Cow
    • Drink: Spring Water
    • Spice: Nutmeg
    • Metal: Copper
    • Herb: Parsley
    • Musical Instrument: Bass Drum
  • More About Taurus

    • Element: Earth
    • Is a: Fixed sign
    • Ruled by: Mellow Venus
    • Motto: "I Own"

Who are you?

On good days, Taureans are are peace-loving, tranquil, serious, patient, logical, hardworking, easygoing, artistic and sensual.

When they are out of sorts, Taurus subjects go all languid, taciturn, prejudiced, gluttonous, stubborn, jealous, complacent and stingy with money.

Following, as it does, right after frenzied, aggressive Aries in the western zodiac, Taurus seeks quiet. Taurus feels most at home in the peace and tranquility of a deep armchair, plunked down in the middle of a forest clearing where nothing is heard but birdsong and the occasional soft popping sound of a tree branch growing new buds. Taurus owns the Earth. (and the Earth owns Taurus) That's why we so often find these grounded creatures trudging about their own huge plots of land in big rubber boots with mud halfway to their knees and a complacent smile on their placid faces.

When a Taurean subject is in peace and quiet mode, everything around them must cease. We are roundly shushed and told to stop: to listen to the gentle music of the leaves slapping playfully at each other overhead, to smell the wild mushroomy odor of the worm-infested earth underfoot, to hark to the roaring burble of a nearby stream and most of all to shut the hell up so Taurus can fully appreciate Nature in all of its glory without us interrupting to ask what time the next train leaves this God forsaken place so we can go back home and boogie in the city.

These nature-loving souls are sometimes so infuriatingly laid back that we want to smack them into action. But ... but... Taurus is among us for a purpose. It is Taurus' job to slow down man-made madness so that Lady Spring can thrive unhindered wearing myriad pretty young flowers in full bloom in her long flowing hair and gossamer gowns draped fetchingly around her ample, luscious body. Taurus protects us from ourselves, puts the brakes on our headlong race to self destruction and keeps us centered where we belong - on good old safety first planet Earth.

As for how they actually act, well Taureans can do a lot of different things well. They are often manual as well as artistic. When they are not abroad in their cushy easy chairs in their very own forest, Taureans can frequently be found in their workshops puttering or creating beauty out of nothing. Or they may be in the garden (with those same mud-caked boots on) turning over the soil, planting or weeding or sowing or simply sweet-talking the vegetation. Then too, we often find them in the library (more comfy armchairs) in front of a roaring fire, large dog near slippered feet, reading enriching literature or poetry or even the newspaper... just quietly sitting for long hours with edifying music soothing their weary souls.

And if ever you cannot locate your favorite Taurean in house, garden or workshop, take a look in the kitchen. Taureans worship food. They can stand in front of a refrigerator, admiring their dinner before it is even cooked. They love inviting friends in for supper and enjoy all manner of gustatory pleasures - including wines and spirits and everything succulent and flavorful that is possible to put on a table and savor.

On the fun side, pleasure is what Taureans crave. The joy of touching and tasting and smoothing skin and gnawing on lamb chop bones and well, just plain enjoying what feels good to them. Sex and food (among other touchy feelies) reach deep into their souls and give them a solid sense that God is in his heaven.

Now let's talk about Taureans and their wealth. Money is a testy subject for bull people because they love it so much. They usually make money and then they keep it - preferably stashed safely in riskless investments such as prime real estate, stone buildings in high rent districts in cities, Swiss banks, mansions full of expensive authentic antiquities, old masters, small gold jewelry, productive olive groves, and/or prestigious wineries with a few chateaux on the side. To look at Taureans, however, is no way to judge their net worth. Taurus people will wear any old thing anywhere without unduly worrying about whether it's appropriate or stylish. But look closer. That old ratty sweater covered in moth holes is made of purest cashmere. The tweed skirt may be too tight on the middle-aged Taurus lady's rear end, but it was designed by Dior and it has been in her wardrobe since 1954. Taurus understands and insists on quality.

Same holds true in relationships. Taureans seek their partners among high end people (preferably with pedigrees and a private income). Frivolous spending is just not on in the stolid Taurean's married life. That shredded silk lampshade is fine just as is. And your Taurus boyfriend thinks you still look terrific in your shabby plaid Pendleton dressing gown at six am. Instead of buying you a new one for Christmas, he offers to have the elbows patched on the old one. Stingy. Not exactly. Just careful. Greedy? You betcha.

Taureans should marry. Yes. I said marry. They require security and cannot be bothered catting around looking for thrilling romance on new fangled online matchmaking sites or chatting up some slinky babe in a night club who might turn out not to have a trust fund. So they ought to settle down with partners of substance.

They make excellent partners for homebound Cancers, ambitious long-suffering Capricorns, and they might even find happiness with a Virgo (especially one with accounting skills and a blue chip portfolio). All of the above should know how to cook gourmet meals and love to share. Scorpios can deal with Taureans because they're so ruthless themselves that they can easily ignore the bulls' silly economical restrictions and carry on squandering as they please. But I must warn Taureans against consorting with flibberty genius Geminis or wafty Pisces or can't-be-bothered Aquarians. Libra? Maybe. Providing the Libra makes lots of money, brings a refined culinary talent to the relationship and can stop chattering long enough to absorb the silence of Mother Nature in that forest clearing.