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Suzanne White

Author • Adventuress • Astrologer


Year of the Pig 


  • Your best

    • Color: Ivory
    • Flower: Lily
    • Fragrance: Gardenia
    • Tree: Cypress
    • Flavor: Caffe Latte
    • Birthstone: Sapphire
    • Lucky number: 10
  • Your favorite

    • Food: Cream
    • Animal: Unicorn
    • Drink: Milk
    • Spice: Nutmeg
    • Metal: Zirconium
    • Herb: Parsley
    • Musical Instrument: Cello
  • More About Virgo

    • Element: Earth
    • Is a: Mutable sign
    • Ruled by: Mercury
    • Motto: "I Am"

Who are you?

Virgos, when they are on their best behavior (which is frequently), are discriminating, mannerly, practical, tasteful, helpful, analytical, learned, thoughtful and kind.

But when Virgos start to feel uneasy about themselves, they can quickly become self-important, pedantic, picky, snooty, negative, dissatisfied and perfectionist in the extreme.

Upon first knowing a Virgo, one imagines that nothing can ever be good enough for them. Offer a Virgo the Moon and he will want it to be polished bright and clean before use. Give a Virgo some foie gras and he will want to know its age and origins before he will so much as sniff a tiny tidbit. Make her a dress and she wants it taken in here and crimped there and hitched up around the bosom before she will dream of even trying it on. It's maddening. Virgos cannot accept anything on face value. They are discriminating to a fault.

But, as with all the other signs, there is a purpose behind Virgo's finicky behavior. The Virgo-born's raison d'être or principal driving reason to exist is to attain a state of exactitude and achieve purity of mind. In the western zodiac, Virgo comes right after the noisy, sun-ruled, self-aggrandizing Leo. The world needs a break from all that Leonine celebration and brouhaha. So along comes September's sedate Virgo, the subtler, self-analytical, precision-mad sign of scrutiny and probity, the auditor of occidental astrology whose role is to examine the remains and beckon us toward virtue.

Most Virgos are methodical and organized. They run their own lives and the lives of those close to them as efficiently as a couple of nuclear power plants. They do their jobs well and take direction seriously. They love to learn and suss out new ways of performing routine tasks. They also enjoy teaching and revel in showing off their expert methods to others. Virgos also need to shine (but not too brightly) in the eyes of those they admire and are ever so careful not to impinge on the private territory of neighbors and relatives.

On the surface then, the average Virgo born person is your workaday solid citizen type who gets on with his or her business in an effective manner. Their homes are tastefully decorated. Their cars are spanking clean. Their nails are done, their teeth are white, their couch cushions are plumped and their well-groomed pedigreed dog doesn't snarl or eat your pants leg.

Underneath this highly polished virgin exterior however, lurks an anxious, troubled soul whose sole aim in life is to come to a beatific state of self-knowledge and spiritual peace which, because life is like that, persistently eludes them.

Some accuse Virgos of being hyper critical. And it's true that Virgos characteristically pick holes in the behavior of others. Truth is, they can't help themselves. Everything and everybody they come into contact with serves as a mirror for their own imagined shortcomings. We all know that nobody is perfect. But Virgos wish that wasn't so and dream of being able to somehow right the world so it could be more logical, more structured, systematized and less chaotic. This endless (fruitless) pattern of longing for the impossible and spending of excessive mental energy thirsting after propriety could cause anybody to pick holes in an employee's sloppy filing methods or tsk tsk at a husband who doesn't close cupboard doors or chide a kid who leaves his sneakers lying on the steps. Thus Virgos are not just perceived as "bossy" and "picky" and "hypercritical", they often are all three.

The saving grace with Virgos is their devotion to service. Virgos really do live to help. They willingly make themselves available and useful to others. You will always find Virgos among active community leaders, involved in recruiting volunteers, heading up church groups and running or assisting at sundry other charitable endeavors. Are Virgos then servant types? Do they grovel and need to give of themselves for the mere sake of giving? No. Not at all. Virgos are forever seeking to improve themselves. They always want to think that they are getting better and better, hence closer to that evasive goal of spiritual excellence.

If you fall in love with a Virgo person, prepare to be made better. No joke. As time passes, Virgos actually improve on their lovers and mates. They can take a diamond in the rough and scrub away at it until it glows like the Northern Lights. Virgos make devoted spouses and only occasionally stray from the straight and narrow - and even then they will protest that the devil made' em do it. Virgos get on best with conservative Taureans, quirky Geminis, ambitious Capricorns and even with adventurous Sagittarians and sweet-natured moody old Cancers.

Careers for Virgos are many and varied. They make fabulous teachers and capable school administrators and nurses and hospital workers because they are naturally talented for care giving. Virgos can also labor diligently at accounting and investing, and scientific research. They are also terrific at every sort of demanding job that requires discrimination, attention to detail and analysis of facts such as lawyering and doctoring and journalism and spying and even, believe it or not - human resources.