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Suzanne White

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Chart Readings

Are you overworked, stressed out, insomniac or anxious? Do you feel as though you are "stuck" in a situation you cannot get out of ? Are you lacking self-confidence? Is money tight? Are you either financially or emotionally overextended? Exhausted? Weakened by fretting and worry? My New Astrology™ Chart Readings will give you the insight you desperately need. 

I can help solve your problems. I really can. Send me your birth date, time and place and a long letter describing your issues. I do your chart. I send it to you. Then we meet up on Skype for 25 minutes of in-depth counseling.

One session will be sufficient to get you unstuck, help you manage your strengths and identify your limitations. At $300.00 a piece, a consultation with me is way cheaper than a shrink. No expensive repeat appointments. No couches or long-winded listening sessions. I come from the Seat of the Pants School of Astrology and I know how to send people away better prepared to deal with their lives than when they answered our first Skype call.

HOW IT WORKS: You send me $300 via Paypal (to: and a long letter about your current problem or dilemma. Don't be shy. Give me both family and personal background and tell me how you feel about the issue at hand right now. Don't worry about shocking me. Tell me everything.

This done, I then draw up your chart, assess it in relation to your predicament and email it to you. Then we agree on a time and date to talk on Skype for 25 minutes.

My experience has convinced me that this Skype method is the most effective and useful to the person I am advising. We get a lot done in 25 minutes - and more importantly - we get to know each other.

Suzanne White

My most successful clients are those whom I counsel every six months or a year. They have trusted in my advice in the past and have heeded it. They are making great progress. So am I.

Thanks, Suzanne White

PS: I guarantee discretion. Your secrets are safe with me.


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