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Suzanne White

Author • Adventuress • Astrologer


Year of the Rat


For Birthyears:

    • 1901
    • 1913
    • 1925
    • 1937
    • 1949
    • 1961
    • 1973
    • 1985
    • 1997
    • 2009
  • Oxs are

    • With Integrity
    • Strength of Purpose
    • Eloquent
    • Diligent
    • Innovative
    • Profound
    • Stable
    • Rigorous
    • Laborious
    • Strong
    • Quiet
    • Serious
    • Hardworking
    • Loving
    • Essentially Temperate
    • Engage Story-teller
  •  But they can also be

    • Stubborn
    • Bigot
    • Plodding
    • Stand-offish
    • Vindictive 
    • Bias
    • Competitive
    • A Bull-dozer
    • Cold
    • Introverted
    • Judgemental
    • Operate at Their Own Pace

Who are you?

Instead of Ox, this Chinese zodiac sign might have been called "Bulldozer". You are a veritable Gibraltar, an essentially temperate person who strives to represent rigor, labor, strength of character and results! You can stick at a task longer and go at it harder than anybody. You spare no elbow grease. You hate to be beaten, so you just plain never give up. Some say you're slow. Others claim you're clumsy. In fact, you are simply moving at your own pace. You refuse to be pushed or prodded by a hot-headed fly-by-nights. You believe in achievement. Levity in business matters exasperates you.

You take life seriously. But life doesn't always return the favor. You don't normally talk much, yet you have an engaging talent for story-telling. You are capable of profound, enduring love, yet the frills and furbelows of syrupy romance leave you quite cold. You prefer action to beds of roses and exotic perfumes.

Want the right love vibe? Try bedding a Rooster, seducing a Snake or riding the night away on a the cushy body of a voluptuous Pig. Monkeys too can successfully pleasure the stodgy Ox. But don't let me catch you cavorting with a Goat. You cannot bear the whimsy and caprice of Goat people for longer than a one night stand.

You are not a party animal and tend to become introverted in a crowd. You fear the limelight. Yet, in many cases, it shines on you anyway. You are bright. And you can be bossy. You make an excellent friend and take pleasure in helping others. The main difference between you Oxen and the rest of the populous is that you always take the long view, aim for your goal and don't let the gory, everyday details wear you down.

The first two thirds of your life will be characterized by hard work. During the second adult phase a disagreement between you and a neighbor or colleague may cause a deep, long-lasting rift. Don't lose heart. Your old age will be both long and healthy with peace of mind taking over after fifty as priority number one.

Advice? Yes. Lighten up. And stop judging others by your own high standards. You'll only be disappointed. Nobody (except you, my dear Ox) is perfect.