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Suzanne White

Author • Adventuress • Astrologer


Year of the Rat


For Birthyears:

    • 1907
    • 1919
    • 1931
    • 1943
    • 1955
    • 1967
    • 1979
    • 1991
    • 2003
    • 2015
  • Sheep/Goats are

    • Truly Gifted
    • Inventive
    • Intuitive
    • Content
    • A Winner
    • With Good Manners
    • Charming
    • Fanciful
    • Amorous
    • Preserving 
    • Whimsical
    • With Good Manners
    • With Flair for the Aesthetic
    • One in Tune with Nature 


  •  But they can also be

    • Parasitic
    • Pessimistic
    • Impractical
    • Worrisome
    • Sensitive
    • Tardy
    • Requiring Security
    • Easily Disoriented 
    • Eccentric
    • Dislikes Routine
    • Scornful of Budgets
    • No a Go-getter
    • Deploring of Caprice
    • Whimsy
    • Lacking Foresight
    • Disliking of Being Leaned On






Who are you?

You are truly gifted, have a flair for the aesthetic and enjoy being in tune with nature. You're intuitive. To be perfectly content, you must be provided with security. You need to feel you are grazing safely in a fertile field. Without some outside structure, you become easily disoriented.

You are an eccentric, and something of a winner, too. You don't mind struggling to reach a noble or tangible goal. But you hate schedules and repetitive, routine chores. You need lots of ready cash, yet you scorn budgets. Locate your fertile field at a young age and graze there forever. Your fortune is likely to be found in someone else's bank account.

Try courting a refined (and wealthy) Cat/Rabbit or better still, grab yourself a scrupulous, (and often rich) Pig person who will love you for life. Avoid hooking up with lovers born in the years of The Rat, The Ox or the Tiger. Rats live to protect. But they do not fancy being leaned on. They need a go-getter mate, not an ethereal protégé. Oxen deplore caprice.

Goats are all about whimsy. Your devil-may-care approach to what the Ox considers rock bottom serious will wreck your home before it's built. As for Tigers, you two can be pals, buddies - even passionate sex partners. But keep your distance. Tigers do not wish to be relied upon for the maintenance of a genius - even a gentle genius like yourself. Nor do they want to restrain anyone else. A Tiger may be drawn to your fanciful ways. But they will soon tire of your lack of regard for punctuality and disdain for order.

A formidable ambivalence divides your basic need for security and your longing for total freedom from stressful limits. Your good manners, wiles and charm will go a long way towards finding that person, group or profession which offers you maximum protection and allows your talent to thrive. You would make a perfect hippie (with a trust fund).

You'll probably enjoy a peaceful childhood. As an amorous and fanciful young adult you may experience some devastating romantic disappointments. But luck shines in the third part of your life, bringing love and security to coddle your tender soul.