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Suzanne White

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Chinese Astrology Plain And Simple

  • Chinese Astrology Plain And Simple


    The first and only authentic, original Chinese Astrology Book. People love this book. It's a classic. CHINESE ASTROLOGY Plain and Simple is the first of Suzanne's many big books on Chinese Astrology and how it affects your life (Love, Money, Family and Social Affairs). If you haven't got this terrific book yet, do yourself a favor and order it NOW. You will still be hiding it under your pillow 20 years hence when you're wondering about the character of your new mate or boss or the basic nature of your brand new grandchild. 

    Suzanne says: "Please have a good time with CHINESE ASTROLOGY PLAIN AND SIMPLE. I am most gratified when people laugh at my jokes and still manage to learn something from what I write. After you read Chinese Astrology Plain and Simple, try to guess my Chinese sign. Contact me:

    $4.99* Availalbe as E-book only!