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Suzanne White

Author • Adventuress • Astrologer



Unmitigated Gaul: A Lifetime in Paris

  • Unmitigated Gaul: A Lifetime in Paris


    "Unmitigated Gaul - A Lifetime in Paris" is the first volume of my four-book autobiography. Reviewers are saying "Suzanne White's rollicking progress through her astonishing life is both brave and hilarious, with enough salty wit to keep the reader enchanted and awaiting the sequel. This passionate pilgrim just hoped for a lover who would not disappoint, either in character or performance, and her instincts told her to leave the smothering atmosphere of family and small town America behind for La Belle France. Many frogs later, still fixed on the idea of a prince, readers will be rooting for our sassy Suzanne to find bliss beyond her own fingertips. At the start of the book, Susie Hoskins is 5 years old. At the end she is 26, living in Paris and has met a very special kind of Prince Charming who seems too good to be true."

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