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A Sibling Who Gets It

by Suzanne White - on Thursday, September 27, 2018
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HAVE YOU EVER noticed that when you are with a sibling you haven't seen in awhile, the rhythms are suddenly all right? There's something about the pace of language that flows between members of one's immediate family that's whipped cream smooth. You don't have to make an effort to make yourself understood. The sibling gets it. And you get them.

Yesterday, my brother John came to visit me here in Sebastopol. He drove up from Carmel where he spends the summers. He actually lives in Scottsdale Az. But it's too hot there in summers so he comes to Carmel. Anyway, he got here shortly after 1pm. We went to lunch at The French Garden , a restaurant down the road from me with outside dining and superlative BLTs. We lingered over lunch chatting till about 3:30. John asked me if I still smoked dope. I found that an odd question. But I answered that yes occasionally. He wanted to know if I had a medical prescription. I said no never heard of that in France. I just sneak smoke like everybody else.

Then we came home here and sat in the living room chatting some more till 6pm. After a pair of short naps, we set out to Sta Rosa for dinner at a lovely place called "Ca'Bianca" (White House). A charming restaurant in a big old victorian house. We shared a Caesar salad. Then John had salmon served on a bed of zucchini and gratin potatoes. I had gambas (about 8 or 10) which were presented standing proudly on their tails somehow around a hill of black rice in a creamy sauce with a brandy reduction. John's salmon was overcooked. I begged him to send it back. He shrugged and said it was fresh anyway so he'd eat it as is/was. Some people really do not know how to make a proper fuss. My gambas were exquisite. I had never seen black rice. It was scrumptious. When the waiter (James nice guy) came to ask if everything was all right, I ratted my brother out. "My brother's salmon is overcooked." said I. That prompted the waiter to not only apologize, but to scurry away then return to tell us the desserts were on him. We don't eat much dessert so we asked for another glass of wine each. James took care of our final glasses of wine.

We came home, drank a nightcap glass of Sauvignon Blanc that John had brought from Whole Foods and decided to watch Louis CK at the Beacon Theater on Netflix.

Usually I hate comedians.They don't seem spontaneous to me. They're up there like: "I am now going to recite some pre-digested stuff to make you laugh." Louis CK does about that same thing except he can be quite spontaneous-sounding so I don't mind so much. The highlight for me was when at one point LouisCK described smoking dope with some 20 year old kids in a parking lot. He told how he was taking these deep drags on the joint. The 20 year old kids tried to warn him to slow down.

"Mister, you should sip this joint. It's some heavy duty shit." LouisCK didn't listen "What do kids know about smoking dope? I am an old pro." He thinks. Then suddenly he realizes that the last time he had smoked dope was in 1993 in the days when dope was this tame little drug that gave you a tame little high. Louis CK is choking and coughing the way one does when smoking dope.

Then he said, "My head was going to explode right in front of these innocent kids." Then he added, "I realized this was not going to be a jolly trip at all. My stupid "smoke dope with 20 year olds" experiment was going to be "an Ordeal"." Like the creeping new technologies have turned dope into some kind of industrial strength narcotic that cooks your brain. Next thing he said was :"I hadda get out of there. I got in my car. I was driving along when suddenly I realized I had been driving for 40 minutes and had yet to look out the front windshield..." He got funnier from there. If you have ever smoked too strong dope, you know it's not exactly fun. A too powerful high makes it difficult to lift one foot and place it ahead of the other one that is even more difficult to lift. Let's face it. Heavy duty dope slows you down. No. It paralyzes you. You can't dial the phone or pee straight. Anyway my brother John and I ended our evening collapsed together on the couch drowning in that kind of heavy giggly breathy choking laughter you can only share with a sibling you love who gets it.


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