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Who is Better for Brad Pitt: Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston? Let's Have New Astrology Explain!

by Suzanne White - on Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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Suzanne White's compatibility quotient for a long liaison with Angelina Jolie is iffy. About a 5 on a scale of 10. Brad and Angelina are both Cat/Rabbits. But he is a reckless daredevil Sagittarius, and Angelina, although quite rebellious by nature, is a Gemini Cat/Rabbit - a more cautious kind of go-getter. I wonder. Too many kids? Her double mastectomy? His roving eye? Basically, because they both hate conflict and long for peace and quiet, two Cat/Rabbits in the same household can grow quite boring. 

Now when it comes to Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt's earlier wife and current crush, she is an Aquarius/Monkey - A Major Player. This union gets a high 7 on Suzanne's scale of 1 to 10. No matter what steamy, passionate romance or love affair she encounters, Jennifer will never abandon her chosen lifestyle or career for the sake of a wayward lover or straying husband. Jennifer is self-motivated and something of a brainiac. Brad's dalliances certainly didn't amuse her. But his defection did not crush her spirit. She knows who she is and what she wants. Bottom line... it's her way or the highway. 

Let's review the details of their New Astrology signs:

Brad Pitt

December 18, 1963
Sagittarius / Cat-Rabbit - The Astute Go Getter

The prudent Cat side of this couple tugs at the Sagittarian’s carefree arrow till he snaps it loose. It falls to the ground before leaving the bow. In words, in this person the recklessness of Sagittarius is defused by the Cat’s virtue and sense of measure. This Sagittarian is not quite so brash as his brothers and sisters. A Sagittarian born in a Cat year senses his real surroundings. He has radar awareness of the need for diplomacy and, because of the Cat’s serious ambition, may be sagaciously yoked to his or her career. These people are often performers or musicians or artists as well. The fiery Sagittarian slows down long enough under the Cat/Rabbit’s influence to pursue a dream. The love life of a Sag/Cat/Rabbit is never built on a flat plain where a family grows placidly like a happy field of mushrooms. There is so much verve and sexual drive here that practically nobody can ever keep up the pace. As a result, marriages can be hasty and short-lived. Sex oozes from this person’s seductive nature.

Jennifer Aniston

February 11, 1969
Aquarius / Monkey - The Major Player

A person of exceptional breadth and depth arises from the union of Aquarius and Monkey. The natural detachment of Aquarius assists the Monkey in forging his destiny without cumbersome sentiment or extraneous emotion. Monkey gives the visionary Aquarian a sound sense of fact and helps him deal with the present. The combination is harmonious and promising. It produces real heavyweights in the brains department. Great deeds can be accomplished by this serious (somewhat revolutionary) person. Aquarius/Monkeys are gifted with exceptional scope in their way of looking at the world. This giant of a person doesn’t often look to passion as a panacea. He or she will love and probably even marry. But they would never sacrifice their mission for a mad love affair.

Angelina Jolie

June 4, 1975
Gemini / Cat-Rabbit - The Prudent Rebel

Cat and Gemini make strange bedfellows. The discreet, prudent, careful Cat character infused with Gemini’s mercurial pizzazz gives me pause to ponder how in the world such a person might achieve self-knowledge and control. I mean, look at the problem. Geminis are all sizzle and snap. Cats, on the other hand, tend to gentility, caution, comfort. To me it seems the busy Gemini rushing about tilting at a huge variety of windmills must, when born in Cat years, from time to time feel himself suddenly leapt upon—surprise!—by his feline-nature mate whose padded feet dart out sharp claws to remind the Gemini, “Take it easy. Go slow. Back off. Sit still. Don’t grab. Hang back. Beware.” Mild schizophrenia. But charming in the extreme and a veritable surprise package in the bedroom. This person’s subtle sexuality shows up in scores of imaginative ways.

You decide who is best for Brad based on New Astrology. What is your sign? Your partner's?

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