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Suzanne White

Author • Adventuress • Astrologer


Year of the Pig 


  • Your best

    • Color: Rose
    • Flower: Daisy
    • Fragrance: White Shoulders
    • Tree: Acacia
    • Flavor: White Chocolate
    • Birthstone: Opal
    • Lucky number: 11
  • Your favorite

    • Food: Meat and Potatoes
    • Animal: Ram
    • Drink: White Wine
    • Spice: Cloves
    • Metal: Aluminum
    • Herb: Oregano
    • Musical Instrument: Trombone
  • More About Libra

    • Element: Air
    • Is a: Cardina sign
    • Ruled by: Sweet Venus
    • Motto: "I Equalize"

Who are you?

Libra always sounds like such an enticing sign. They are enchanting people. But some complain that Librans cannot make decisions. They can. Only it takes them longer. Before taking any plunge whatsoever, a Libran must consider all sides.

Librans are reputedly artistic, loving and calm. And on the outside, they are all of that. It is, however, stressful to be a Libra. From childhood to grave, Libra struggles to keep the peace, settle disputes and maintain an atmosphere of tranquility at all costs. This preoccupation with equanimity requires diligent, hard work. My Libra mother used to brush her jet black Irish hair back from her forehead, breathe a deep sigh and say, "Ah, but there is no rest for the weary." Libra is often weary - exhausted even - from endeavoring to keep his or her ship on an even keel.

So Librans deserve their reputation for harmony, diplomacy and balance. But don't think that said harmony comes easy to this species. Librans spend tons of mental energy ironing out conflicts and fending off dissension. This balancing act, a talent for which they are most famous, causes Librans much turmoil . The earnest desire to calm troubled waters is not merely a desire. It is a crying need.

Librans are born as "unbalanced" as the next guy (maybe more so) and yet they work constantly to maintain composure. In order to exist in a tranquil environment, this character often makes huge personal sacrifices, giving up cherished projects, abandoning dreams, telling white (and charcoal gray) lies and giving in to the wishes of others. Relationships that work and cook along in a spirit of goodwill and general loveliness are the Libra's primary goal in life. To fulfill this objective, the Libra must never let down his/her guard.

Librans live for beauty and crave the esthetic. Whether it's fine art, interior decorating, building a house or balancing the books, they attempt to create symmetry in every sphere. We grow in the company of Librans. They show us why we are mistaken when we take the wrong path or get a fixed idea into our heads and can't shake it out. Yet Libra never enters the fray, always tamps down the fire, tiptoes around the issues and helps us to move from one step to the next without force or brutality.

Paradoxically, Libra can be downright quarrelsome. If you say the sky is deep blue, they counter with "Not really. It's more of a mauve pink today." You tell them you are buying a silver gray SUV and they come back with, "Not many trendy people drive silver gray anymore. Silver gray is considered tacky." Your deep blue sky is too determinedly blue. Your silver gray SUV makes too much of a statement. So Libra counters with a penetratingly catty point, throws his two and a half cents in sideways and fully expects that you will argue back so that he or she can go into the balancing act. My advice? Do not go there. Sidewind right back, skirt the issue, forget about sharing that deep blue sky with Libra and buy whatever color SUV turns you on anyway.

To a contrary-minded Libra, ten o'clock is ten-o -three and summer is not all that summery this year and steak au poivre is not made with crushed black pepper but rather with gray peppercorns rolled in a linen napkin and pounded with a hammer. Librans have an answer for everything and you (their captive audience) must wait until their polarized thoughts have all been exposed before you can move ahead. Their goal? Balance.

You say black, they say white. You cry wolf, they cry rabbit. You "brush" your teeth. Librans "wash" theirs. It can be annoying as a mosquito bite to be subjected to this constant balancing. Black is black for pity's sake. But not when Libra is at work interjecting opposing ideas to yours so that you won't be tempted to express some even heavier notion of your own which might tip the scales too violently and upset the equilibrium of the moment.

Getting along with Libra is a real challenge. It requires much discussion and premeditated pussyfooting. Keeping the peace is their goal, but should you push too hard and threaten to upset that hard won tranquility with some sudden movement or untoward remark - watch out! Libra has an unexpected volcanic side which, when it rears its contentious head, requires others to back down, flee the premises or throw ice water on the Libra to settle them down. If you have ever watched a Libra scream at a spouse over where to place the vase of flowers that the unsuspecting spouse has just arranged, you know what I am getting at. Libra rages are rare - but they come out of desperation over something they perceive as upsetting to their inner balance.

How do Librans behave in love? Librans worship their loved ones with an utterly loyal devotion. They work so feverishly at relationship management that the beloved sometimes wants to scream, "Will you please get angry at me? Just this once. Fight with me. Please throw something across the room or punch your fist through the door." When openly challenged or attacked, Libra's emergency balancing light goes on. He or she remains as cool as marble, sits quietly down and waits until you have finished your tantrum. Then, your darling Libra will try to talk it through rationally and (again at all costs) restore peace and harmony. Whatever his point was, no matter how crucial the issue might be to his or her own reality, Libra prefers to take a back seat and wait. So if you are in love with one of these forever see-sawing people, learn how to bring up problems stealthily. Make no waves that you cannot ride all the way to the beach without a ripple.

As for Libra and career, Librans are largely gifted for artistic professions. Painting , sculpting, designing, choreography, music, writing poetry or prose, theater, cinema and all the rest of the "softer" vocations are suited to the Libran esthete. Of course Librans make excellent diplomats (they are always on two sides at once), landscape architects, behind-the-scenes entrepreneurs and, quite naturally, teachers and lawyers.